Gustavus College Democrats

The Constitution of the Gustavus College Democrats


In order to promote a better America, with equality, opportunity, and freedom within a just and strong society, we dedicate ourselves to organizing the participation of Democratic college students at Gustavus Adolphus College. In this mission, we call for full participation of all Gustavus students, regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, physical handicap, socioeconomic status, or sexual orientation.

Understanding the importance of participation in the Democratic Party to the preservation of our values and principles, we, Democratic college students, do hereby associate ourselves and adopt this Constitution as the Gustavus College Democrats.

Article 1: Name and Purpose

A: Name: The name of this organization shall be the Gustavus College Democrats, hereafter referred to in this document as the “College Democrats”.

B: Purpose: The College Democrats pledges itself to support the philosophy and candidates of the Democratic Party. Furthermore, the College Democrats declares its intention to support all efforts to increase the participation of college students in Democratic affairs. To these ends, the College Democrats shall educate and train its members so that they may be better able to:

1. Educate students about the philosophy of the Democratic Party;

2. Assist in the election of local, state, and national Democratic candidates.

3. Affect political change on the local, state, and national level.

Article 2: Membership

A: Members: Membership in the College Democrats shall be open to any college student currently enrolled in Gustavus Adolphus College who wishes to be known as a College Democrat and who has the best interests of the College Democrats and the Democratic Party at heart, regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, physical handicap, socioeconomic status, or sexual orientation.

Article 3: The Executive Board

A: Composition: The Executive Board shall be composed of the Chair, Vice Chair, (or two Co-Chairs), Treasurer, Secretary, Campaign Manager(s), Communications Director, and Technical Director. All positions will be elected once yearly at the General Elections. Mid-term elections may take place between semesters as necessary.

B: The Executive Board shall determine the agenda and policy of the College Democrats and coordinate all activities and events.

Article 4: Duties of the Executive Board Positions

A: All Executive Board members must maintain active involvement in all of the College Democrats activities and endeavors.

B: Duties of the Chair(s). The Chair(s) shall:

1: Be the Chief Executive Officer(s) of the College Democrats;

2: Define the agenda of the College Democrats during his or her (their) tenure;

3: Act as the official representative(s) of the College Democrats to other groups and the media;

4: Carry out the mandates, policies, an directives of the Executive Board;

5: Preside over all meetings of the College Democrats.

C: Duties of the Vice Chair. The Vice Chair shall:

1: Assist the Chair in the performance of his or her duties; including brainstorming ideas and evaluating the progress of the Executive Board and organization as a whole;

2: Act as Chair when the Chair is unable to perform his or her duties;

3: Assume the office of the Chair upon the Chair’s death, resignation, removal, or inability to perform duties;

4: Take on projects of his or her choosing.

D: Duties of the Treasurer. The Treasurer shall:

1: Direct fundraising activities and prepare all grants;

2: Manage the bank account and budget;

3: Perform such duties as the Chair may assign and take on projects of his or her choosing.

E: Duties of the Secretary. He or she shall:

1: Record minutes at events of the College Democrats

2: Send the minutes to all College Democrats members via the College Democrats email list.

3: Post the minutes on the College Democrats website "minutes" page, found at

4: Send reminders of College Democrats meetings and events to all College Democrats members via the College Democrats email list.

F: Duties of the Campaign Managers. He or she (they) shall:

1: Communicate events pertaining to Democratic political officials with members of the College Democrats.

2: Communicate with political officials in order to arrange scheduling for campus visits.

3: Organize campaigning on campus on behalf of Democratic political officials and contenders.

G: Duties of the Communications Director. He or she shall:

1: Coordinate all postering and publicity activities;

2: Notify media of all events of the College Democrats in an attempt to ensure media coverage;

3: Perform such duties as the President may assign and take on projects of his or her choosing.

H: Duties of the Technical Director(s). He or she (they) shall:

1: Maintain the College Democrats email lists:,, and

2: Maintaing the College Democrats website:

Article 5: Elections

A: Elections shall occur Once a year. An additional election may take place between semesters if necessary.

B: Eligibility to run for a position and vote: All active members are eligible to run for a position and vote. Member be in attendance at the election meeting in order to vote.

C: Secretive ballots: One vote per person per election. Candidates cannot vote in their own election.

D: Procedure: Candidates are nominated directly before their election.

1. Speech length: Chair - 4min; VC - 3min; Other - 2min

2. Q & A: Chair - 7min; Other - 5min

3. Supporting speakers: Chair - 5; Other - 3. Each supporting speaker has 45 seconds to support his candidate. Order of speakers will alternate among candidates. They are forbidden to make any derogatory statements about any candidate. Candidates are prohibited from the election room during the time of supporting statements.

4. Vote counting and declaration of winner will occur directly after that election.

Article 6: Removal

A: Cause for removal: Cause for removal shall be defined as malfeasance or nonfeasance of duties assigned by the Executive Board or delineated within this document, or as ineligibility for Executive Board membership pursuant to Article 2. Cause for removal shall also include grounds found by 3/4 members of the Executive Board to constitute good and sufficient cause.

B: Process for removal: To begin the process for removal, another member of the Executive Board must charge the officer with the reasons for his or her removal publicly at a meeting of the Executive Board. The officer in question must be offered an opportunity to defend himself or herself at that meeting. After a period of two weeks the issue shall be put to a vote. Three-fourths members of the Executive Board must vote for removal for an officer to be removed.

Article 7: Vacancies

A: Declaration of vacancy: A vacancy shall be declared when a member of the Executive Board dies, resigns, or is removed from office. If the vacancy occurs in an Executive Board position other than the Chair, the Chair shall appoint a successor with a 2/3 majority consent of the remaining Executive Board. If the vacancy is the Chair, then the Vice-Chair shall automatically be the replacement.

Article 8: Amendments

A: Procedure: The Constitution can be amended by a 2/3 majority vote of the Executive Board with 2/3 approval by the active membership.

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