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September 15, 2004

Submitted by Megan Buckingham

Attendance: Breton Harris, Jenna Brouse, Jon Carlson, Ryan Braski, Katie Haynes, Renee Donahue, Gabe Becker, Eric Nelson, Matt Klaber, Megan Wille, Katrina Kleinwachter, Leah Solo, Kirsten Mickelsen, Terry Morrow, Maren Anderson, May Vang, Caleb Laurenstein, Matt Pollari, Mandy Olson, Greg Gorham, Katie Erickson, Jo Ellison, Emily Meyer, Trystan Hansen, Brittany Neighbours, Drew Strandness, Mark Gonnella, Robert Kubicek, Allan Johnson, Amanda Varley, Katy Yount, Elizabeth Klun, Margaret Dorer, Geoff Wessendorf, Kerstin Hodne, Megan Torfin, Megan Buckingham, Ellie Bash, Lisa Skarbakka, Krissy Barland, Cara Crumley, Anders Eckman, Karin Burseth, Linnea McCally,  Andy Twiton, Kiri O'Bradovich, Peter Grafstrom, Joel Wenzel. Whew!

1. Introductions

2. Terry and campaign coordinators
a.Door knockers and callers needed!
b.** $5 for Kerry signs, they’re on their way**

3. Organizing convention
a.Saturday 2-5 @ West HS in Mankato

4. Activity Fair
a.Thurs. 4:30-6:30 on the mall

5. Raj and the Republicans
a.Even the Republicans want to vote for Kerry

6. Pizza & Politics
a.Ideas: war, economy, gun control, assault weapons, abortion, college tuition, no child left behind, health care, the draft, Howard Swenson: human or hologram?
b.LARGE and in-charge: Maren, Eric, Kerry, May, Mandy and Peter G

7.What Party Am I?

a.Debate (over the presidential election) to come in late October
b.Featuring Republicans, Democrats… and Greg

9. Tabling
a.See Megan Wille to sign up for slots.
b. Ruth Johnson and John Hottinger to make appearances

10. Spanish speakers
a.Opportunities to get out the vote w/in the Hispanic community

11. Vans to Polls
a.News to come…

12. T-shirts
a.Bush bashing? Simple “College Dems”? Vote Kerry? Ideas welcome…

13. Sign making after meetings

14. Visibility ideas wanted
a.Sidewalk chalk

15. Do we want to be Pro-Kerry or Anti-Bush?

16. Students for Civic Engagement
a.aka. Joel gets himself kicked out of another campus group… (he needs to learn how to take a hint: GET OUT! The Greens don’t want you, the CVR doesn’t want you, the Dems really don’t want you. Of course I’m kidding, we don’t hate Joel, exactly…)

17. NEXT WEEK (and hereafter) WEDNESDAYS 8:00 IN THE 49ER ROOM

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September 22, 2004

1. Attendance: somehow I didn’t get this sheet so, for the time being, let’s just assume that everyone on the Dems email list came (although I don’t think we could all actually fit in Linner according to fire code…)

2. Presidential Debates:
1. 1st – next Thurs, Sept. 30th
2. Come watch them in the caf! Food, friends, FUN!

3. FREE Concert
1. MSU Ballroom
2. 7:00 pm
3. Rides provided!
4. Joel and Megan are going… two very good reasons not to go:)

4. Pizza and Politics
1. We’re sponsoring this one, Republicans got the next one. Right Cory?
- But Republicans lie – or was that Peter?

5. Bush girls in St. Paul and Rochester tomorrow
1. If you can go, we’ll provide the eggs!
- No, on second thought, we’ll go egg free. Some people are allergic, you know.

6. Out-Foxed, Bush in 30 Sec. and Fahrenheit 9/11
1. Watch for showings!

7. Window painting
1. For our own rooms/cars
2. For the CAF for homecoming week (decorating on Sunday)

8. Issues of the Week
1. Table tents
2. Email Matt Kabler to get involved! We need people with passions for specific issues!!!
3. Next week is flip-flopping!!!!

9. Moms on a Missions
1. THIS Friday, HERE!
2. On the mall or in Alumni (rain spot)
3. We need to help work on getting this together
4. This will be Pro-Kerry, Pro-Military

10. Rock Your Party: MN Young DFL
1. Bloomington, next Saturday (October 2)
2. Learn how to phone bank, door knock, etc..
3. “We teach people how to start cells.” Don’t worry, though, we’re Democrats, not terrorists.

11. Door knocking and Phone banking
1. This Sunday 2:00 in Olin (Main Floor)
2. Learn the how-to’s and then, if you can, stay and knock and bank

12. T-shirts:
1. Kerry/Edwards for sure.
2. Bring ideas for original GAC Dems shirts next week!

13. Homecoming Parade
1. We need to win the $100 prize!
2. For all you creative liberals: get those ideas working!

14. Students for Civic Engagement: Kids Voting USA
1. Bill says: non-partisan program teaching kids how to vote. Rallies, all kinds of stuff all leading up to election day when they will have a mock election at the real polls. Helpers needed! Free T-shirts and a party in Alumni that night to count the ballots.

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September 29, 2004

1. Attendance: Robert M. Kubicek, Mark Gonnella, Eric Nelson, Sarah Anderson, Joel Wenzel, Matt Klaber, Elizabeth Harri, Megan Torfin, Kerstin Hodne, Allan Johnson, Greg Gorham, Elizabeth Klun, Laura Edlund, Amanda Varley, Jonathan Carlson, Jessica Pearson, Nicole Wilker, Jo Ellison, Matt Pollari, Krissy Garland, Matt Born, Elizabeth Andres, Katrina, Megan Willie, Gabe, Chingl Thao, May Vang, Katy Yount, Megan Buckingham. Sorry if I spelled any names wrong, I did the best I could off the sign-in sheat!

2. Presidential Debates:
a. 1st ? tomorrow Thurs, Sept. 30th @ 8:00 pm
b. Come watch them in the caf! Food, friends, FUN!

3. County DFL Meeting
a . Letter to the editor ? contact Allan Johnson if interested

4. Pizza and Politics
a . Excellent discussion, well attended. Congrads to all involved.

5. Month out Madness

6. Fahrenheit 9/11
a . Next weekend, sponsored by the poli sci dept.

7. Out Foxed
a . Katrina has a copy, werre working w/CAB to show it.

8. Theme Weeks

a. Let?s get going on this, kids!
b. Contact Matt w/ specific suggestions/blurbs (mklaber)
c. Next week is flip-flop, then deficit (contact Cory to help w/that)
d. is a good source for this project

9. T-shits
a. Contact Joel (jwenzel, x8741)

a. LOTS of volunteers needed
b. Possibly free Kerry t-shirts for volunteers (*cough, bribe*)

11. Phone banking
a . NEXT weekend (not this weekend)
b . Sat 1-4, Sun 2:30-4:30
c . Olin

12. Homecoming/Family weekend
a. Parade
i. Planning meeting Friday, 4:00, Dems office
ii. Meet 9:30 Sat. morning @ Interp. Center (Arb) for the parade
b . Tabling on Saturday ? 11ish-12:45ish. Not pushy, just handing out buttons, pins, etc?
c . FB game ? same: handing out buttons/pins

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October 13, 2004

Attendance: Gabe Becker-Finn, Megan Torfin, Kerstin Hodne, Krissy Garland, Nicole Sawinski, Katie Haynes, Ryan Braski, Jo Ellison, Mark Gonnella, Robert Kubicck, Allan Johnson, Mandy Olson, Jonathan Carlson, Matt Pollari, Lisa Skarbakka, Maren Anderson, Eric Nelson, Megan Willie, Megan Buckingham, Jessica Pearson, Nicole Wiker, Lisa trinn, Ben Birks, Peter Grafstrom.

1. Email lists: Email mwillie if you want to be on the events list instead of the all-dems list. Events list only gets events/minutes and the dems list gets events/minutes and is a forum/discussion as well.

2. Tabling: This Friday, Next Tuesday.

3. Campus Canvas/Dorm Rush: Admiral Peter G is supervising. Captain Lisa Skarbakka should be your role model, she's volunteering in all the dorms!!

4. OutFoxed: Next Thursday in Confer/Vickner.

5. Vans for Election Day: Peter G: large and in-charge.
a. need van-certified drivers or people w/cars willing to take passengers
b. next van certification November 2, election day! You can certify from 9-11 am and drive in the afternoon.

6. Mike Hatch: "this is the most important election of my lifetime."
"vote early and vote often" --Mike Hatch

7. Phoning and Doorknocking:
a. Phoning on Sundays (the next two) education MN office in Mankato
see Megan's email
b. Doorknocking Saturday. Meet @ 10:00 am or 1:00 pm in the Den.

8. Theme Weeks: Eric says: everything is ready to go but...Hello Greg, this is earth calling, where are you?

9. Election Night Par-tay: Maybe not Interp Center as it does not have cable. Possibly IC? Mandy is in charge of this one but she needs help setting up etc..

10. FTS: Friday, 8:00 am, Max Halperin's FTS. Both Dems and Republicans will be represented, just a short blurb, what we do etc. Good way to get to the frosh. Contact Megan Wille if you want to go represent!

11. Nov 1&2: Get Out the Vote -help with the last minute drive in St. Peter.

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October 20, 2004

1. Attendance: Megan Buckingham, Kerstin Hodne, Megan Torfin, Lillie Hollingsworth, Peter Grafstrom, Joel Wenzel, Jo Ellison, Mark Gonnella, Robert Kubicek, Ryan Braski, Lisa Trinh, Allan Johnson, Gabe Becker-Finn, Elizabeth Klun, Krissy Garland, Nicole Sawinski (gold star Dem for the day), Nicole Wilker, Matt Pollari, Eric Nelson, Katrina K, May Vang (MEGAN ? ADD MAY TO THE EMAIL LIST! mvang2)

2. Kerry rally - tomorrow 10/22/04

3. Tabling - we need ideas to jazz this up!: candy, jackass costume (or just get Peter G to stand around at the table all day), videos & music on laptops, Will Ferell as Bush?a mock election (by ourselves as the Repub.s are not interested)

4. Friday the 29th, 4-5 pm DEBATE: Leigh Pomeroy vs. Gil Gutneckt (which will be a cardboard cutout with the voices done by our very own Leigh Pomeroy)
i. This is a debate -will the Repub.s co-sponsor?

5. Vans: Peter get your ass (hehe) in gear!
i. The rides will be for everyone, even those darned Republicans that live down the hall
ii. Sign yourself up for training 11/2 in the morning

6. Table tents: Eric (apparently Greg is MIA)
i. If you want to help Eric email him: enelson2

7. Dorms: can't canvas but can and will table: Peter the Dorm Admiral says: Sun, Mon or Tues -whichever works best for the dorm captain and his/her sailors

8. Vote early and wear that I voted sticker all day long! It?s a fashion statement.

9. Election night party - International Center common room
i. Food: if you have extra caf $ buy stuff: cakes, cookies, munchies, veggies, fruit trays etc?

10. Monday the 1st of Nov: calking and the Rock!

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October 27, 2004

Attendance: Katrina, Megan Buckingham, Megan Willie, Megan Torfin, Kerstin Hodne, Matt Born, Krissy Garland, Nicole Sawinski, Nicole Wilker, Jonathan Carlson, Mandy Olson, Greg Gorham (He's back from the ranks of the missing, left for dead.) Allan Johnson, Robert M. Kabuck, Mark Gonnella, Jo Ellison, Ben Birks, Geoff Wessendorf, Gabe Becker-Finn, Jamie Becker-Finn, Elizabeth Klun, Rosemary Shultz, Peter Grafstrom, Joel Wenzel, Matt Pollari, Honorary attendee Liz Harri - Happy birthday!

1. The rallies ROCKED (oh, that?s right. Ashton Kutcher and Elizabeth Edwards).

2. Upcoming Events:
6:30: What does the world think about the US election (in IC)
7: Gold Leadership Series w/Ruth Johnson (if you can table, come at 6 please!)
Faith Forum: Is God a Republican or a Democrat?
PLUS theres that debate between Leigh Pomeroy and a cardboard cut out (not to be missed)

Friday: 4 - Leigh Pomeroy's GOTV Plan kickoff (televised!)

Sat/Sunday: If want to doorknock in St. Peter contact Jamie (
Sunday 8 pm: Poster making in the Gustie Den, GOTV sheats

9 pm: Rock, sandwich board, chalking. Bring your flashlight!
Midnight madness - Hmmm, maybe Matt's the only one who's mad?

Tuesday: Driving all day. Polls open at 7. Van training from 9-11. If you can't drive, table!

Tabling ideas: Laptops w/ Will Ferrel as W (and lastly,I'd like to bring to mind a terrible thing that liberals are to do, they're trying to get you to vote.)

Mashed potatoes w/mayonnaise

WANNA DO MORE THIS WEEKEND/ANYTHING NEXT WEEK? Contact the Leah (351-0961) or just show up on Monday night at the Eagle's Club in Mankato or the Country Inn and Suits off MN 22 w/the TGI Fridays -- on Tuesday during the day) if you can help with anything (food for volunteers, door knocking, driving to the polls - didn't I already say anything)

**when in doubt, put it on the calendar! - just go to the calendar and add event**

3. Par-tay: Pizza, B-dubs, munchies (if you have extra caf $ this is your responsibility) starts at 6 pm in IC. Invite friends (Republicans are welcome hehehe)

HELPERS NEEDED: come at 4:30 on Tuesday to help set up
Tomorrow at 3 in the Gustie Den to make posters
Questions? Email Mandy: aolson2

Too good for us -Holiday Inn in Mankato for area DFL party

4. Helpers on Tues (vans, polls, Kids Voting, anything anywhere near the polls) NO campaign stuff, no talking politics to the students you're chauffeuring, nada, got it?

5. Mock Election: Megan wants real numbers
(the Republicans have an underground plan, but they're too lazy to put it in action)
Sponsored by SCE or PSA Honors Society w/Dems doing the legwork
Friday instead of Dems tabling

6. Terry asks the tough questions: Do we wanna do GOTV in St. Peter? It's up to us kids. Jamie is willing to organize.

7. Early voting: Do it now and be done so Tuesday can be devoted to getting others to the polls. Go to the Nicolet County Courthouse (a familiar place for any of you who've ever had a minor)

8. On the ballot: if you don't know the race (i.e. judges) then leave it alone.

9. Terry's ramblings (I tried to get all this, I really did, but let's face it, I'm the first mate, not a professional secretary) So here goes:
Terry meets Kerry - hockey discussions w/the big cheese. Max Cleland, Terry, Julie Storm (whom Matt is apparently stalking) and Baker's Square = mayonnaise and mashed potatoes old lady Republican votin for Kerry makes for a touching moment in Baker's Square, Mankato, MN (does anyone else see the basic outline of a Lifetime movie emerging here?) POINT OF THE STORY: Terry will be, prior to the election on Tuesday, eating mashed potatoes with mayonnaise. Hey, we have been looking for ideas to jazz-up the tabling routine.

10. Here we go!!!

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December 1, 2004

I. Pizza and Politics Discussion – held open discussion event with pizza about “Why Bush Won.” Good turnout. Followed by brief discussion of upcoming events.

II. Upcoming Events
a. District DFL meeting Monday, Dec. 6th at 6:30; basement meeting roome of North Mankato Municipal Building
- All welcome to help review the ’04 campaign, look at committees for the future, and discuss a possible permanent office in Mankato. Peter and others volunteer to attend to represent GAC Dems. Please attend if you are able!
- International Voice Event Thursday Dec. 2nd in Mankato
- 2004 Minnesota Election e-Brief & Opportunity Fair for Progressives: Register online here.
-No group transportation, but contact and if interested as they are wanting to attend (Katrina has class but will send out an e-mail if she is able to work something out with that…)
-College Democrats Conference at Dickinson College in Pennsylvania, February 2005, decided not to pursue further as Dickinson needs registration fees by Dec. 13 and that’s not realistic for us to plan; would rather put our resources into planning Demfest.

III. Reminder of Elections at next meeting for Spring ’05 positions!

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December 8, 2004

  • Outfoxed: TONIGHT (Thurs) at 7:30 in Confer 128. Discussion following
  • Elections!!! Let me preface this by saying we Democrats have really got to start working on our ability to communicate in a concise manner! Really, I'm a big fan of the getting-past-the-sound bite bit and drawing a thought or proposal out to at least a full sentence or two, but I start to draw the line at 20 minutes of discussion on the same topics, going round-and-round without getting anywhere. We can't win if we bore people until they fall asleep, my friends. ("them" in this case meaning not only undecideds but fellow Democrats, e.g. ME!)!Constitution amended so that we will have overlapping presidential terms (one elected spring semester, one fall semester)

New Co-pres: Peter Grafstrom (unless we impeach him for already lying to us and withholding crucial information)

New First-mate (I now propose an amendment that we change this back to secretary. First mate, really. Humph - or should I say 'arg'?): Lilly Hollingsworth

New Co-treasurer: Matt Polari

New tech director: Matt Klaber

New ambassador to the Republicans: Liz Harri (this girl is going to need some serious counseling after a year's worth of College Republican meetings, please be nice to her in her time of need!)

And that's a wrap, folks! A great big thank you to all our outgoing officers: Great job Megan W, Eric and Peter D! You guys rock, thanks for all the hard work and time you put into this organization - especially this election.

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