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Fall 2005 Meeting Minutes

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September 22, 2005

Attendance: Peter, Kerstin, Megan, Joel, Alicia, Maren, Matt, Lily, Peter, Andy, Ben, Matt, and some other people (sorry we didn't write this down)

Discussed: ~The Student Activities Fair is this Saturday from 10:30 to 12:30 so please come and help. ~The democrats district office in Mankato needs volunteers preferably on Wedsnesday nights... this would look good on a resumé.
~We would like to set up some tabling slots on T, W, and TH, from 10-1:30, to get the word out about potential dems candidates, for example, Steve Kelly.
~Mankato is hosting a Camp Wellstone on October 7th, 8th and 9th, it's also parent's weekend but prioritize.
~Pizza and Politics: The first P & P is being planned for October 5th @ 6:00 and the topic is The Politics of Hurricane Katrina
~A representative from Democracy Matters discussed working with the dems this year on P & P and tabling. They have meetings on Mondays at 7 at the Couryard Cafe ~We would like to start a liberal newspaper/flyer on campus that brings awareness about political events.
~On Friday there will be tabling from 10:30-2:30 to inform students about the proposed Walmart distribution center and will also have a petition to sign. On Monday night at 6:30 people will be meeting at 3 flags to walk to the city meeting. Oh, and Walmart sucks.
~Go to to sign the True Cost Economics Manifesto and learn about the impact of our economic policies.

Peter and Megan

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September 29, 2005

People who were there: Mr. Allan Johnson, Kerstin Hodne, Elizabeth Braun, Joel Wenzel, Andrew Bowles, Eric Nelson, Matt Pollari, Peter Grafstrom, Megan Torfin, Peter Dahlberg, Siddarth Selvaraj, Raj(Eventually)

I. Pre-Meeting -Decorating the new Dems closet? -Pollari volunteered, but when confronted on it, nominated Allan….who won't do it

II. Olas Presents: Latin Trivia Night! -Tomorrow at the Dive, will Dems co-sponsor by throwing in some money for prizes? -2 $15 Gift Certificates?

III. Megan Breaks Pete's Computer - Smooth, real smooth

IV. Back to the Latin Trivia Night - Discussion on whether to co-sponsor or not -Main point on if we can afford it - Official Vote: We decide to go in for 1 $20 gift certificate

V. Camp Wellstone -What is it? A training thing for grass-root campaigning, this time mostly focused on campaigning on campus - Where is it? I think I heard University of Mankato, Oct. 7th 3pm-9pm and Oct. 8th 9am-pm - Free For Students….maybe -Passed around a sheet to find out who's interested, of those who attended: Kerstin, Peter G, Megan

VI. Tim Walls (Man I hope I spelled that right) -He wants volunteers- More info on that to come….just not from me -He also wants to speak on campus, now we just need to figure out where and when

VII. Co-President Peter Grafstrom flips the group in attendance the bird, claims to be reenacting Bush's drive through St. Peter this summer

VIII. "What were we talking about?" -Eric Nelson -Oh yeah, Walls -Decided he should come to a GAC Dems meeting

IX. Diversity Dinner -4:30 On Sunday, the Dems will be represented. All still invited I'm sure… -Peter G's posse: Peter, Kerstin, Eric, Megan, Joel

X. Pizza and Politics -I don't believe I've ever attended a meeting where P&P wasn't on the agenda -October 5th, 6 p.m. in SSC 107 - "Crappiest Building on campus"- Peter Dahlberg -Peter G. disagrees -Official Vote: In a ten to one vote, SSC is indeed the crappiest building on campus -Official Vote: Voted that Godfather's will be the pizza there -Originally pitched topic: Hurricane Katrina -Not to be confused with our former Co-President -Joel brought up the point of it being too broad -Official Vote: Hurricane Katrina is not going to be the subject -Official Vote: Supreme Court will be -GAC Dems (and others hopefully) Present Pizza and Politics: "The Supreme Court- Roberts and the New Guy Too" -Siddarth and Elizabeth volunteered to head up the promotion of it

XI. Random Stuff -Megan is now on Facebook -Speaking of Facebook, the "Allan is Cool Club" is seeking members -Lilly, if you're reading this, we'd like to know if the donkey costume is ready to go perhaps for the…. - Family Weekend Parade - Raj showed up somewhere during this period

XII. Joel Wenzel Vs Apathy -Bottom Line: We need a fall project -GAC Dems TV show featuring real debates? -A Liberal Paper? -Speakers? -Many others got thrown around, and we expect to talk about this more next week, so if you've got ideas, BRING 'EM!

XIII. Post-meeting -Making Posters (for……something) -I didn't attend…I'm busy damnit -And that's a wrap

Parliamentarian's Note: I'd really like to push for a meeting of the executive officers (as it would bore the non-execs to tears and they can't vote according to the constitution) to go through the GAC Dems Constitution and vote on various topics. Because although we have voted on a lot of things, the constitution really hasn't actually changed all that much. Also, if you are willing to provide the powder wig and gavel, I am available for Birthday Parties. Thank You and Goodnight!

Allan Johnson Parliamentary Secretarian …er, Secretary Parliamentarian

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October 6, 2005

"Pizza and Politics Rules the Night"

People who were there: Mr. Allan Johnson, Kerstin Hodne, Joel Wenzel, Eric Nelson, Matt Pollari, Peter Grafstrom, Megan Torfin, Siddarth Selvaraj, Raj, Isaac Weeks, Lillie Hollingsworth, Maren Anderson

I. Pre-Meeting: Megan's Hair -Is not natural in color -Getting one's hair cut in Mankato is apparently a bad idea

II. Homecoming Parade Saturday -10:30am, line up at 10, there will be an email about all the facts, seeing as we didn't have them come meeting time -Lillie's donkey suit: Who will wear it? -Lillie is working Sat. morning, cannot wear it -All signs seem to point towards our lovely co-president, Megan Torfin -Lillie will be hooking Pete up with the suit -We have a convertible -Secretary Note: That is totally bitchin' -Who can we get to come? -John Hottinger? Ruth Johnson? Tim Walz? -John H. is a "Dick" according to Pete -Apparently Pete likes to say "dick" a lot, and found it an opportune moment -We might just be the most organized Dems group this year

III. Lots of People Come in Late…..Lots -I'd name them out, but that would be mean, either way, it about doubled our size

IV. Pizza and Politics -The next one - Last one went well - Topic for debate: Media and Politics? - Campus Republicans were apparently not happy with not being involved in last P&P -We'll get them this time -Possible date: Nov. 2nd

V. Trailed Off Subject - "Call Bush and tell him to invade Iran!" -Megan -I can only assume this was so we'd have a good, well-timed issue to deal with in our P&P meeting (as by this time, Media and Politics had been thrown out the window, run over, dragged back in again, and then shot).

VI. Pizza and Politics Again -6-7pm as per usual -Oh but wait, there's a speaker Nov. 2nd, we need to reschedule

VII. Introductions - We all went around and talked about ourselves….not generally something for the middle of the meeting, but hey, we're progressive!

VIII. Pizza and Politics (again) -Oct. 19th is now the date -So for the record, October 19th at 6pm, there's a Pizza and Politics -We then shifted into talking about SHIFT -Don't ask me how, I was too busy writing furiously to keep up IX. Eric Talks -Jeff Rosoff (sp?) [Yes Eric, I know you spelled it for me, but if I screwed up….it's not my fault, yeah]
-Jeff R. has this petition to stop a "Big Box" company from coming in -By "Big Box" I mean a place like a Wal-Mart or Target -It's for St. Peter to sign, apparently seeing as college students aren't around all year, we have less sway -Eric forgot to bring a copy of one (petition that is) -It's for a moratorium on building a building that is…some size or something -Jeff R. needs help getting signatures from the community -Seeing as the Gustie Dems rock door knocking, we could totally rock this

X. Pizza and Politics……AGAIN -Who's promoting it this time? -Siddarth and Lillie -Who's paying this time? -Raj and his magical Gustavus card -SSC 107 will be the place -So, October 19th in SSC 107, at 6pm -We then discussed the topic of P&P this time -Somehow led into…

XI. Camp Wellstone -Apparently NOT welcome to non-Mankato (the college) people -Should we shell out lots of money for one of our own?

XII. Getting Tim Walz -To stand outside the caf? -"He's a veteran, he can do what he wants"

XIII. PIZZA AND FREAKING POLITICS -Topic: Environment and Politics, aka: "What's that crap in my lake?"
-And that's a wrap

Parliamentarian's Note: I think the jobs of Parliamentarian and Secretary go together very well. Because think about it, what is a secretary except for someone who writes down the minutes? And what's a Parliamentarian except for…

Come to think of it, the job of Parliamentarian is totally meaningless in our group seeing as we don't follow parliamentary procedure. Knowing the group's constitution is something I added so that I could pretend to some amount of power. However, seeing as how nobody else knows jack about our constitution, I'm theoretically the most powerful person in the group right now. Do you really want that? If not, then read the constitution, it's at the website….I'm too lazy to get the link. Thank You and Goodnight!

P.S. -Allan Johnson

P.S. Did you notice that my title, when abbreviated, says "PS"? And if I condense it further, it says "PSA". There's so many interesting undertones and meanings to it that any English Major could surely write a three page paper on it.

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October 13, 2005

"Heat Wave"

People who were there: Mr. Allan Johnson, Kerstin Hodne, Joel Wenzel, Eric Nelson, Matt Pollari, Peter Grafstrom, Megs Torfin, Siddarth Selvaraj, Maren Anderson

I. What the Hell? -Where is everyone? I'm seeing the same faces week in and week out, and there's hardly anyone new showing up -Seriously, the minutes are funnier live

II. Peter Dahlberg -Grafstrom is lookin' for you!

III. New Republican Liaison -Official Vote: Maren Anderson

IV. CDMs Mail Peter Grafstrom with a Greeeeeeaaaaaaat Idea - On Campus Celebrity Poker -Who's the Celebrities? GEORGE BUSH AND DICK CHENY! -What are they doing in Celebrity Poker? GAMBLING AWAY OUR FUTURE! -Official Vote: Peter deletes the email

V. Senate District 23 Halloween Party - October 30th from 4-8pm at the Eagles Club in Mankato - $10

VI. Tim Walz (He sure has been a popular name in the meetings lately) - He wants extra cameras -Nobody knows why -I think he's crazy

VII. Pizza and Politics (It wouldn't be a meeting without P&P) - We've reserved SSC 107, the time is on the old minutes, and there'll be posters and stuff - As far as we know, Lilly will be paying using Raj's magic card - The Greens are in on it with us - Maren knows her environmental stuff -Pulled out a large pile of papers about environmental stuff, which is sort of contradictory to caring about the environment, seeing as all the stuff was printed on trees that aren't alive any more

VIII. Wal Mart Movie -Apparently lots of people got an email about it -I didn't -And no, it doesn't mean I want one

IX. Panel Discussion - Tuesday in the Heritage room at 8:30pm - It's apparently about stuff like the UN, World Hunger, World Health - But don't worry, although they'll be talking about hunger, there will be free food -The Greens need a Co-President to help shoulder some of the work…..oh, and the notoriety

X. Wal Mart Movie Revisited -We can get it, so we can screen it if there's an interest -Perhaps a "Pizza, Politics, and a Picture"?

XI. Big Box Thing - 8:30 in the Gustie Den on the 13th, yeah, so right after the meeting, so this isn't really useful in the minutes

XII. Group Questions our Leadership -Peter defends, growls, gets snippy -Siddarth laughs, as do I

XIII. Dems to Coup a Religious Group? -Seems like a fun and crazy idea, I forgot which group

XIV. Camp Wellstone - We can get the mega-$$$ from groups -Poli Sci, Comm Dept,Peace Studies, Div Center -It's to learn grassroots stuff -Is there a limit to how many people can be in it? -Should we open it to the St. Peter Community? -RSVPing? -We'll have Gusties get first dibs -March-ish?

XV. Guest Speaker:Leah Solo from the MN Democrats in our area -This year she's plugging Tim Walz -Specifically, "Camp Walz Corps" -Tuesday October 18th at 6:30, at the Ostrander Auditorium MSU, Mankato -Snacks will be provided -RSVP to or call 507-351-0961 -Peter is quite on board, and will be going, yells at others to do so as well -Voluenteers needed at the Dems' office in Mankato -Internship-like roles -Data entry, working with people, coordinating -Leah donated Walz T-Shirts for when we table -She asks how college Dems are doing -I almost yell out "BETTER THAN COLLEGE REPUBLICANS!" then laugh like a jackass, but decide against it -For an off year, I'd say we're doing alright -She hooked us up with contacts to other Dems groups -As Pete writes them down….

XVI. Joel Leaves to do his Laundry -As a note, I saw Joel not doing his laundry after the Dems meeting, he then ran to his dorm, again to do said laundry. I'm on to you Joel -Meanwhile, as contacts were still getting written down…

XVII. Side Convo -Siddarth says the Diversity Center (I think) is trying to get Barack Obama -I'm guessing to speak

XVIII. Meeting Quickly Breaks Up -Nobody wanted to miss the potential verbal boxing match -Prepare vs Q&A! -I shouldn't say this, but I really wanted to see more yelling at the discussion, I like when things break down and people get pissed off -And that's a wrap

Parliamentarian's Note: You all do know that I'm gonna drop my position as secretary at the mid-term elections to focus on my Parliamentarian job, right?

Thank You,
Allan Johnson
The Gustavus Democrats Official Parliamentarian & Secretary

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October 20, 2005

"New Megan Vs Old Megan"

People who were there: Mr. Allan Johnson, Kerstin Hodne, Joel Wenzel, Matt Pollari, Peter Grafstrom, Indiscriminant Scribble (Megan Torfin), Megan J Buckingham

I. Pre-Meeting (which started late) -Polari brings his dinner to the meeting.

II. Canvasing for Tim Walz - Next Saturday, 10-noon - We need a training session for door knocking

III. Megan B's Agenda Proposal -Pizza and Politics during homeless week -Pete says he and Maren have been discussing it for weeks -Who knows what else those two have been planning

IV. Joel Hates Jesus - He made me write it, seriously - Megan B wanted to note that she indeed does NOT hate Jesus -However, she hates that damned Jesus Mustang

V. Pizza and Politics for Homeless Week - College Republicans and ASAP want to co-sponser

VI. Bashing Iowa -It's easy and fun - Megan B defends Iowa whole-heartedly

VII. Megan T Steers us Back on Course - Add school referendum to door knocking?
-There's a school referendum? Man, I need to pay attention to the news
-Maybe table for it? -Voter registration cards? -Ah hell, lets encourage people to vote every year! We need to keep people politically active folks!

VIII. Megan B Says She Can Kick my Ass -Are we to see a Secretary Vs Former Secretary brawl?
-I'd like to note that I have the edge, as I am also the parliamentarian

IX. More Election stuff - More on it next week


XI. Meeting peters out….get it? It's a pun
- Apparently Pete sobers up much faster than Joel
-Although both were highly questionable during the meeting
-Peter on….something -An argument brewed about who was better, New Megan (Megan Torfin) or Old Megan (Megan Buckingham)
-And that's a wrap

Parliamentarian's Note: It's becoming more and more evident that people are misunderstanding my minutes. Many at the meetings find themselves more aware of the secretary and his notebook. This is because I often take note of funny things people say. I am not doing this to spite said people, but I am simply trying to help convey how much fun we really have at these meetings and that we're fairly low-key group of people. And for those of you who don't come to the meetings, truly you are missing out, we have lots of fun and make lots of jokes as well as plan cool things to help awareness for varied issues. Gustie Dems rock, try them and see for yourself why nine out of ten Parliamentarians agree.

Thank You,
Allan Johnson
The Most Rockin-Awesome Man on the Planet
-Also the Parliamentarian and Secretary

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October 27, 2005

"Man, I was so Totally Zoning"

People who were there: Mr. Allan Johnson, Kerstin Hodne, Joel Wenzel, Matt Pollari, Peter Grafstrom, Megan Torfin, Brandon Boat, Kacy Wothe, Christina Gripentrog, Siddarth Selvaraj, Raj

I. Pre-Meeting -Cookies were there, as promised, so those of you who weren't there missed out - There were some new faces, which is totally rockin'

II. Introductions - Peter likes when his women crack the whip - Christina insists she's been to other meetings -Which is a lie because I had perfect attendance last year and I don't remember her

III. Wal-Mart Stuff - We will be door-knocking Saturday about that petition to stop a "big-box" company from moving into St. Peter. But we need help, because by we I mean like three people who attended the meeting - Meet at 10am in the campus center -There will be a 15 minute training center at 10 -There will be a script ready for door-knockers -Should end around noon

IV. Joel/Pollari Cause Trouble - Joel busted into the meeting late, rather akin to Kramer on Seinfeld -For doing so, he is forced to introduce himself to the group -Cristina Vs Pollari -They go at it about something, I was sorta zoning -She's feisty, but he's Pollari, so I don't know who has the advantage -"Chill the fart out!" -Peter

V. Pizza, Politics, and a Picture - Maybe we just do a Picture? -We've been doing a lot of P&P's, but we don't have a zillion dollar budget for it, so we liberals need to conserve our spending a bit -This sounds like a reasonable idea -November 15th, 7pm, Heritage Room -Sid will book it

VI. St. Peter Election -Terry Morrow says there will be an important election this November -Most notably we should pay attention to the School Referendum (which we are for) -What can we do? -Pollari points out that we lack $ching$ -Everyone yells at him for thinking -Tabling perhaps? -Pollari again clears his throat, noting that we'll need information on why we support the referendum -Thank goodness we've got someone thinking ahead in the group -"Vote for St. Peter Schools!" -We'll need to do same-day voter registration (November 8th for those of you who are wondering) -Don't worry, we'll figure it out -We'll try to get Terry Morrow to talk about this as the door-knocking workshop on Saturday

VII. Camp Wellstone - We need money for it, as it's expensive -I think we've contacted the Communications Department, CVR, and the Diversity Center -Who'll contact the others? (everyone else) -Peter says he doesn't care as long as he's not contacting everyone -Peter has a list of who's contacting who -I didn't, as I kept zoning out -We'll need a total of $3,500 -Maren, talk to Landon about getting the Republicans to help -"Have we even talked to Camp Welstone?"- Kerstin -"It's on the list of things to do." -Peter -This response leads to….

VIII. Impeaching the President (of the Dems, not the "real" one)? - Since it came up, I thought I'd put in what the Dem's Constitution says on it

-Article 6: Removal

A: Cause for removal: Cause for removal shall be defined as malfeasance or nonfeasance of duties assigned by the Executive Board or delineated within this document, or as ineligibility for Executive Board membership pursuant to Article 2. Cause for removal shall also include grounds found by 3/4 members of the Executive Board to constitute good and sufficient cause.

B: Process for removal: To begin the process for removal, another member of the Executive Board must charge the officer with the reasons for his or her removal publicly at a meeting of the Executive Board. The officer in question must be offered an opportunity to defend himself or herself at that meeting. After a period of two weeks the issue shall be put to a vote. Three-fourths members of the Executive Board must vote for removal for an officer to be removed.

IX. Camp Wellstone, again - What will be our issue (since apparently we need one)
-Official Vote: Living Wage-8, Violence Against Women Act-3, Environmental Policy-3, Anti-War Movement-8, Tuition Increases-2, Indian Economy-1, Anti-Big Business-8 -"The women are dead, they all got violence against them"-Peter -Yes, there is a three way tie, way to go run-off system
-Official Vote: Living Wage-1, Anti-War-3, Anti-Business-4 -Anti-Big Business it is! -But wait, there's more! Let's vote on a secondary choice!
-Official Vote: Living Wage-3, Anti-War-6 -Let's throw rules and votes out the window and re-vote!
Official Vote: Living Wage-5, Anti-War-4
-Living Wage is our second choice
-At some point during this, Joel fell down in his chair, again causing a ruckus, he is so the Dem's Kramer -Maybe we should have the Wellstone thing in March? -Things in March? -March 3rd and 4th? -It really doesn't matter right now, we could push it back to April or up to February

X. That School Referendum Thing -We'll table for it the 7th and 8th
-And that's a wrap

Parliamentarian's Note: I know this is a total abuse of my power, but I'm going to do it anyway. The Bookmark has a ton of books that range in political messages. We've got an anti-Wal-Mart book in the business section, we've got nature books galore for you tree-hugging hippies, and for those of you who like fun and politics mixed, we've got an assload of that sort of stuff. Most notably we've gotten Al Franken's new book The Truth (With Jokes) in, and we've got lots of copies. I highly recommend it, as I've been reading it and it's damned entertaining. If you hate those liberal fuckers like Franken, there's a book for you too! New to our shelves is the Conservative book, The War On Christmas: The Liberals Plot to Ban the Sacred Religious Holiday is Worse Than You Think or something like that, it's a long title. Either way, we've got every side of the spectrum at the store, and I look good when books sell, SO BUY THEM DAMNIT!

Thank You,
Allan Johnson
Currently listening to Nirvana. Er, I mean, SecreParlimentariantry

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November 3, 2005

"You Think of a Snappy Title"

Cast: Mr. Allan Johnson, Kerstin Hodne, Matt Pollari, Peter Grafstrom, Megan Torfin, Christina Gripentrog, Siddarth Selvaraj, Raj, Jamie Lynn Murphy, Aila Crumley, Maren Anderson, Peter Dahlberg

I. Pre-Meeting -Raj came early, 'twas amazing - Peter, not remembering my harsh words to Matt and Joel a few weeks back, brought his dinner, so tonight he is the Dinner/Meeting douchebag

II. Maren's announcement - At 8pm (after the meeting) there would be movie in Wallenberg -A Documentary about kids in Uganda

III. Quick Announcements - Info sessions for the Vagina Monologues went on at the same time as the meeting
- There will be an Interfaith Council -Most likely promoting some non-Lutheran stuff
-Contact for more info
- DLC retreat on the 19th of November from Noon-5pm -It's free -There's a movie after from 6-8 -There'll be dinner -The Sign up for the retreat is up

IV. Election - It's on Tuesday
- Apparently we've had tables reserved all week for it, and we just forgot
- We also have them reserved Monday and Tuesday -Let's get to it and table folks! -

V. Introductions -Yes, just a tad late into the meeting
-Sid talked about a Facebook group featuring a couple people who would like to sleep with him
-I talked about the "Allan is Cool Club" on Facebook. You should all join, it is, um, cool

VI. Posters for the Election -Were probably made after the meeting

VII. Pizza and Politics - Will be in SSC 105 again on the 15th of this month at 6pm
-The Republicans and the Democrats will be splitting the food bill for this one
- Who'll do publicity!? -Sid in his infinite awesomeness says that he'll do it
-Someone suggests getting Megan B. to help
- The P&P will be on Hunger and Homelessness
-Later that night there'll be the Wal-Mart movie

VIII. Raj Makes an Announcement - There will be a Cultural Relief/Benefit thing in Alumni Hall
-It's this Saturday at 7pm
-There will be food, entertainment, and gifts

IX. Wal-Mart Movie - Apparently if someone has lots of money and wants to hold a banquet where we want to show it, we get the shaft.
- "The president doesn't listen"- Matt P. on Pete
-Pete says he'll look into getting SSC 101

X. Camp Wellstone -So remember that vote last week? Yeah it doesn't mean anything. Our topic, Fair and Clean Election Laws
-Yeah, we actually talked to the Camp Wellstone People
-Matt continues to be difficult towards Pete
-I like it

XI Wal-Mart Petition Drive -Noon on Saturdays
-You go in groups -Scripts will be given
-Peter pleads that people come

XII Tim Walz Town Hall Event
-What: An open forum with the DFL congressional candidate Tim Walz
-Where: Linner Lounge -When: Sunday, Nov. 6, 4:30-6:30pm
- Come when you can, leave when you must. Free Pizza will be provided
-I personally recommend going, and I usually don't do that
-And that's a wrap

Parliamentarian's Note: Hey now, you better listen to me every one of you. We've got a lotta lotta lotta lotta work to do. Forget about your women and that water can. Today you're working for the man. Well pick up your feet, we've got a deadline to meet, I'm gonna see you make it on time. Oh don't relax, I want elbows and backs, I wanna see everybody from behind. 'Cause you're working for the man. Working for the man, you gotta make him a hand. Working for the man. Oh, I'm pickin' 'em up and layin' 'em down. I believe he's gonna work me into the ground. I pulled to the left, and I heaved to the right. I ought to kill him, but it wouldn't be right. 'Cause I'm working for the man, working for the man. I gotta make him a hand, working for the man. Well, the boss' daughter sneaks me water every time her daddy's down the line. She says, "Meet me tonight, love me right, and everything is gonna be fine." Yea, I'm gonna be the man, gonna be the man, I gotta make him a hand; if I'm gonna be the man. So I slave all day without much pay, but I'm just -a-bidin' my time. 'Cause the company and the daughter you see, they're both gonna be all mine. Working for the man, working for the man. I gotta make him a hand, working for the man.

Thank You,
Allan Johnson Holding Conferences with Your Mother in a Dorm Room Near You
Also Parliamentarian as well as Secretary

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November 10, 2005

"I'm Under A lot of Stress/ Good Title Next Week, I Swear"

Cast: Mr. Allan Johnson, Kerstin Hodne, Peter Grafstrom, Megan Torfin, Christina Gripentrog, Siddarth Selvaraj, Brian Fahey, Joel Wenzel, Elizabeth Braun, Eric Nelson

I. Pre-Meeting -"Peter G doesn't do stupid, he just does careless" -Peter G
-The meeting started late as very few people show up on time
-Tonight's meeting has the special guest of the illustrious Brian Fahey

II. Democracy Matters Pizza and Politics
- GAC Dems aren't the only groups who do P&Ps
- The topic will be on Clean and Fair Politics
- It will be on Tuesday December 6th, at 6pm in SSC 107
- John Hottinger will be there, I think

III. Introductions - There was no topic for tonight's introductions, it was basically just saying one's name
- Joel wasn't paying attention
-Joel seems to think that I am trying to make him look bad in the minutes
-Nothing could be further from the truth
-Joel sucks

IV. Wal-Mart Movie - We have the DVD as promised with handouts, however, we have not gotten the shirts as promised, I feel we should incite a riot for this
-The movie and the Pizza and Politics that goes along with it will both be on the 15th (of this month I believe)
-The Pizza and Politics portion will be at 6pm in SSC 105
-Directly following that will be the movie in SSC 101

V. The Grand Illustrious Brian Fahey Has an Announcement - There is a Pro-Choice Action group being started
- They will mostly be tabling for now, but see where it leads
- For more info, I'm sure you can contact Mr. Fahey
- Peter accuses Elizabeth of looking "White-Trashy"

VI. DLC Retreat -It will be next Saturday at Noon-5pm in the Interpretive Center, then 6pm-8pm in the IC lounge - What food will we bring?
- We started discussing food, but trailed off on a few random subjects
-"I would like to drink more, put that in the Minutes."
- Brian
-"Ok, now scratch that out."
-What food will we make?
-Something blue?
-Blue Cheesecake?
-Yeah, we'll go with Cheesecake
-Wow, we actually settled something
-The making of the cheesecake will be at Megan T's house on the Friday before the retreat
- The signup for the DLC retreat is in the D-Center

VII. Christian Sande Will Be in Mankato! - He'll be at the DFL Office Saturday afternoon from 12:30 to 2:30
- On a side note, Sande totally rocks -I'd be there, but I work

VIII. Joel Talks about Being on GAC Radio - He was a guest on Sid's show I think, and this was us discussing his appearance with him
-Joel began to explaining to us what he means by being personally pro-life
-Tried to use impregnating himself as an example
-Grabbed his crotch
- "I'd make a good mother" -Joel

IX. Camp Wellstone -So we're getting no money from Democracy Matters
- We currently have $1500
-We need to come up with $3500 as our total (as Campus Camp Wellstone pays $3500 and so the overall bill would be $7000)
-We discuss crazy ideas of how to get the money, including extortion, theft, and laundering, sometimes in combinations
-"Ok, but seriously…" -Elizabeth (steering us back on course to real ideas)
-Put it off until next year?
-CVR wants it in March, and they're giving $1000
-Sid shows up very late to the meeting, as does Eric
-This is the first time I've been here in a month, be happy I came!" -Eric

X. Pizza And Politics -ASAP says we should do advertising
-"We" made posters after the meeting
-Note: We does not include me

XI Camp Wellstone -Getting money Student Senate?
-Maybe, nobody can give us numbers

XII Random Tangents as Closes -We discuss which county is worst
-Eric explains Robert's Rules of Order
-Cites that I should listen
-I think he's gunning for my Parliamentarian job
-I table the speech until a later date, that will of course never happen

Parliamentarian's Note: I think I should have my own show on GAC TV. I mean, let's think about this, I'm cool, I look good….I look presentable…..I have good hygiene, I'm good enough, I'm smart enough, and doggone it, people like me. I don't know what I'd talk about, but I'm sure it would be funny, and I could peer pressure my friends into watching and getting it ratings. Also, I could blow stuff up, maybe. I don't need a large budget, just a staff that'll put up with me yelling at them about minute (my-newt) things. Oh, and just yelling in general. How does this relate to parliamentary procedure? I'm not real sure, but there are probably some sort of deep and meaningful undertones that cover that.

Thank You,
Allan Johnson
Meow, meow, meeeeeeoooooooow (Translation: Rockin', Secretary, Parliamentarian)

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November 17, 2005

"Your Mom Would Come To the Dems if She Lived Here"

Cast: Mr. Allan Johnson, Kerstin Hodne, Peter Grafstrom, Megan Torfin, Christina Gripentrog, Eric Nelson, Maren Anderson

I. Pre-Meeting - Almost everyone shows up late -At 7:05pm we are still without presidents -A question is raised as to how much Megan actually does -Apparently Peter plans everything -"Shut up" -Megan
- It's 7:10, do you know where your Dems are? We know where FIVE are, here
- Mr. Eric Nelson graces us with his presence -On his birthday no less!
- Peter overslept, we called and yelled at him

II. New President? - Where the hell is Peter!?
- Megan hasn't had time to set up stuff for the meeting as she's had a busy week
-Peter makes it 7:20, very agitated with Joel -Also very groggy, and rather surly

III. Maren Talks About Something - "Buy Nothing Day" is coming up -There will be tabling for it Monday and Tuesday - Megan will not be able to table as she is tabling for STD's -With pictures -"You mean those pictures where penises look like cauliflowers?" -Peter

IV. Christian Sande is Coming - He will be here Monday November 28th from 9-10pm in Linner Lounge -There will be Pizza - To those of you who don't come to meetings, but read the minutes, come to this event, Sande f-ing rocks and there's only one way you'll learn that, and that's by showing up

V. Making an Entrée for the DLC Retreat - It will be at Megan and Kerstin's house tomorrow (but really tonight since I'm writing this the day after) - The original idea of making cheesecake will not be going down, everyone else is making deserts -Damn everyone else - Now we're making an entrée, but what? -A very long discussion took place as to what to make -We decide on Stir Fry - We'll still be making it at Megan and Kerstin's house - Come at 6pm - Email them to find out where they live

VI. Kerstin's Announcement -The Pizza and Politics for Democracy Matters has been moved back a week
-Now for Monday the 12th (of December) at 6pm in SSC 107
- John Hottenger er somthin'

VII. New Blood - We need new blood for our liberal ritual sacrifices - Wait, no, we need some new blood in the group as in new members - Come on folks, check us out, as a favor to me, or some other Democrat you love - Maybe we should advertise for meetings? - Perhaps email the Dems List sooner in the week, publicizing the meeting -Peter asks me if I can do it -My inner parliamentarian reminds me that according to our constitution it is actually in my job description as a secretary -I'll do it…..damned constitution

VIII. Camp Wellstone -We need to start delegating tasks, will probably pick it up next meeting, pending we get more people

-And that's a wrap

Parliamentarian's Note: Ok, seriously, where the hell is everyone? I've heard tell that we "don't do enough" or "You just Bush-bash." I don't know if you folks are smoking too much weed or not enough, but have you even been to meetings? First of all, the argument of "you don't do enough," what the hell are we supposed to do? Seriously, we have events going on all the time, and if you kids would actually come to the meetings, you'd know that. Hell, my minutes should be enough to point out that there is always something going on with the Dems. And on top of that, besides keeping lots of stuff going on, lemme point out that this isn't a big election year, but we're gonna get on it anyway. Now then, for those who think we just bash republicans, ye art wrong. We did that more like three years ago, now we're thinking progressively and want to move forward and help Democrats, not bitch about republicans. Come on people, lets get some more folks at the meetings, 7pm, 49er room.

Thank You,
Allan Johnson
The Yummiest Parliamentarian/Secretary Ever

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December 1, 2005

"The Mysterious Mystery of the Mysteriously Missing Peter Grafstrom"

Starring Mr. Allan Johnson, Kerstin Hodne, Megan Torfin, Christina Gripentrog, Eric Nelson, Maren Anderson, Elizabeth Braun, Joel Wenzel, Raj, Chris Anderson

I. Pre-Meeting - Raj is there early, waiting for us -He then leaves early
-Where's Peter? Is he sleeping again? It's night for god's sakes
-Joel writes stuff on the whiteboard while Maren, our Ambassador to the Republicans talks about Landon on the radio
-At this point a meeting based on stuff we could think up starts

II. Midterm Elections - We are having Midterm Elections for the Dems next week at our meeting
-Who will take Peter's presidential spot? -In retrospect, I think that President is the only term that's running out this midterm -As a note, I have great ideas for how the Dems can attract more people and would make this my goal if elected -Maren thinks the chocolate ice cream in the caf is better than the other ice creams offered there -Eric and Sid are running for Co-President……of the Student Senate -Raj comes back and wonders where the hell Peter is

III. Kerstin is an Artist? -Apparently she has a display in the Art Center -It officially opens on Monday

IV. Joel Suggests we do More Candidate Talks - By that I mean having them come and speak, like Tim Walz and Christian Sande have done -Maybe Matt Entenza? -I probably spelled his name wrong

V. Raj Getting On Facebook? -He's interested, now how to go about it?

VI. Candidate thing -Joel steers us back on track
-Who should we get? -TerryMorrow?
-Joel says he'll hunt for people, because Joel cares about the Dems
-Eric should pressure his sister to get us candidates as well
-Kerstin has connections with someone….I don't remember who and everyone was talking really fast, but that person Joel doesn't need to worry about -I need to learn shorthand so I can get all the facts the first time

VII. Some Stuff about Abortion -Roe v. Wade could go or something -Pfft, yeah right, the Republicans need that to sway votes -There was an abortion thing last night (so uh….Wednesday since this is typed up the next day) -There were some real staunch pro-lifers there -"Consent to Sex is consent to pregnancy"
-Someone apparently said that at the thing -Just like running in a dark park at night is consenting to rape -"She consented to that rape!" -Elizabeth
-Someone notes that Roe is actually the middle ground, seeing people don't have to have abortions
-"Childbirth is disgusting!" -Megan -"Abortion gets me all riled up, it makes me just wanna go out and have one for spite!"-Megan

VIII. Candidate Thingy -Joel says he'll go after candidates to speak starting tomorrow (today) -We should get them to come in February, so as not to have them too close to DemFest, that way we can get them twice
-"That's right"-Allan
-"Allan says that's right" -Joel

-And that's a wrap

Parliamentarian's Note: So…elections. Not the real ones, but the College Dems one. Last year I ran on the ticket of "Perfect Attendance" and here I am typing up minutes. I shall come right out and say that I'd like to be President, dems or otherwise. However, I am somewhat torn. The reason for this is that I am actually starting to get into this Secretary job (even though I said at one point I'd be dropping the job at mid-term elections). Not only that, but by becoming President I would be deserting my job as Parliamentarian. So, what would I do if president? Well, I think that during this off time we should not be so concerned with strengthening the Minnesota Dems, but with our own group. Lately (with the exception of tonight) we've had very questionable turnout to the meetings, which is somewhat to be expected during the off-season, but it shouldn't be accepted. What I propose is a campaign to get people into our group NOW, that way our army during elections will be all that much better. Because if you can get people to come during the off-season, that means that you have them for life. So how do we do this? Well, back when I first started in the Dems, we tabled all the time, often about absolutely nothing but getting people to the meetings, lets do that. Let's put up poster for the meetings; harass friends to come to meetings, and things of the like. The State Dems will always be there for us, but we need to make sure we'll always be there for the State Dems. Also, if I was elected president, before we voted for the new Parliamentarian I would make a motion for the "Executive Board" (thank you constitution) to have a vote, amending the Constitution, making me the Eternal Parliamentarian. On that note, as president I would also probably schedule a meeting for the "Executive Board" to go over the constitution as a whole, as I think we need to keep it as progressive as we are. So next week, when we're figuring out who's going to be the co-president in replacement of Peter Grafstrom, nominate me, please. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeease.

Yours truly,
Allan Johnson
Your Wholly Humble Parliamentarian/Secretary Vote Allan

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December 8, 2005

"Election Extravaganza"

Starring Mr. Allan Johnson, Eric Nelson, Maren Anderson, Chris Anderson, Stephen Ronning, Matt Pollari, and Mr. Peter Grafstrom

I. Pre-Meeting - Pollari, with reckless abandon for how he'll be treated in the minutes, brought his dinner to the meeting. -Tisk, tisk
-Peter is on time (relatively). He also doesn't look like hell ran over, which is a change to how I've seen him recently. -Meeting starts a little late, but one should become accustomed to that by now

II. Reggie Edwards - He's running for State Auditor - Do we want him to come and speak?

III. Matt Entenza -How about him? He's a pretty decent guy, we could have him come and speak

IV. Meeting During J-Term - Will we be moving them to Megan's house? -Will we be changing the days/times? -Nothing was decided seeing as only three people at the meeting will be around
-At Megan's request, we will not be having any more meetings until J-Term

V. GAC TV -Chris pointed out that he now works for GAC TV -This ties in with getting our name out, as he could get us a segment or an ad or something that'll put our name on GAC TV -Matt is also part of it -As is Sid
-…..Why are we controlling the GAC TV airwaves with our liberal media already?

VI. Terry Morrow -How about getting him to speak? -No, wait, he's far too hard to get a hold of, we don't know how to contact him, it'll be hard to get him on campus, and he'll probably want money or something

VII. Where is Everyone? -For an election night, this is pretty depressing
-Peter points out that we have our meetings Thursdays at 7 for Brian Fahey, but he never comes
-Stephen then whips out his cell phone and calls Fahey to find out his whereabouts
-Steve said he had good reason, but I believe that no reason is good enough for not coming to a meeting, and Fahey shall suffer the utmost wrath for it

VIII. Raising Attendance -We really need to turn this around, truly this is pathetic -I think we need to campaign for the Dems in general, not even necessarily events, just the group in general
-Could we throw parties?

IX. Elections -Peter stops stalling and we get on with it. He does voice his unhappiness with the lack of voters though, which should be noted.

-Co-Chair -Peter Grafstrom's term officially expires -Stephen Ronning nominates Allan Johnson for the Co-Presidency -After allowing other nominations to come in (which doesn't happen), the motion is voted on
-Official Vote: By a unanimous decision, Allan Johnson is voted the new Co-Chair of the GAC Democrats

-Liaison to the Republicans -Maren Anderson will no longer be able to keep up her duties due to her not being on campus next semester and therefore steps down from her position -Eric Nelson nominates Joel Wenzel -After allowing other nominations to come in (which doesn't happen), the motion is voted on
-Official Vote: By a unanimous decision, Joel Wenzel is voted the new Liaison to the Republicans of the GAC Democrats

-Treasurer -Matt Pollari's term officially expires (as I believe he was elected during the last year, emergency special midterm election) -Peter Grafstrom nominates Eric Nelson -After allowing other nominations to come in (which doesn't happen), the motion is voted on
-Official Vote: By a unanimous decision, Eric Nelson is voted the new Treasurer of the GAC Democrats

-Secretary -By being elected Co-Chair, Allan Johnson relinquishes his Secretary position -No nominations are cast, and there are no takers -The election of a new Secretary shall be postponed until a later vote -Allan Johnson states that until a new Secretary steps forward, he shall retain his Secretarial duties -I mean, someone's gotta do the minutes, right?

-Parliamentarian -By being elected Co-Chair, Allan Johnson relinquishes his Parliamentarian position -Eric Nelson moves to amend the Constitution to make Allan Johnson the eternal Parliamentarian -Due to a lack of voting Executive Officers at the meeting, the movement is tabled until a later date -Allan Johnson states that he shall retain his Parliamentarian duties until the movement is officially voted on.

X. Plans for the New Term -Both Allan and Eric feel a need for focus on improving attendance -Although that's a gimmie at this point -I refuse to have the GAC Dems go down -Maren leaves the meeting

XI. Only Men Remain
-We discuss porn -Really

-And that's a wrap

Parliamentarian's Note: It was brought up during the meeting if there is actually anything in the constitution about the Co-Chair holding more than one position. I could not off the top of my head recall any such passage, and chose instead to murmur "there damn well should be." After reviewing the constitution, I can tell you that indeed there is not anything written in our small constitution concerning the Co-Chair holding other positions, therefore, if voted, I could continue serving as Secretary. On that note, I would like to remind everyone that the title of Parliamentarian is not an executive position, and therefore does not fall under any rules of the constitution. Therefore, by all means, I don't have to even officially relinquish the title after a term has ended, not that it really matters, as it's just a title. I like to think of it as a state of nobility in our democratic system. For some Parliamentarian trivia, 100% of the GAC Dems parliamentarians have also served as Co-Chair.

Now, as Co-Chair, I am pushing for all of the known/current executive officers (Megan Torfin, Eric Nelson, Peter Dahlberg) to get in touch with me as to when a good meeting time would be available for some constitution amending. It's sloppy and needs some tune-ups (such as making the mid-term Co-Chair election official). Speaking of executive officers, who the heck's our Campaign Manager and Communications Director? They are executive positions as well.

Thank you,
Allan Johnson
GAC Dems Co-President and Parliamentarian (Yeah, I'll just keep that title)

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