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of the Tau Mu Tau sorority


Sororities were first formed at Gustavus in the 1890's, when women were suffering from collegiate boredom and seeking social growth and intellectual stimulation. These women formed several small, informal social clubs.

In 1904, twelve such women formed a society which they called the Tau Mu Tau's. The original members nicknamed themselves "The Modest Twelve", but as their numbers increased from year to year, the nickname evolved into "The Modest Tribe".

In the early 1900's, a typical TM meeting would include: a vocal solo, a short recitation, a paper, and a piano solo. At these meetings, each member paid a penny for being late and a nickel for leaving early. Dues were not required, but a collection was taken at the beginning of each meeting, which usually totaled 40 to 60 cents.

The 1950's saw the establishment of brother and sister relations between fraternities and sororities. The TM's and the Omega Kappas became brother and sister organizations, and have never split up, making that relationship the longest standing on campus. The TM's and OK's share many long standing traditions, such as an annual spaghetti dinner.

The TM's also celebrated their 50th anniversary in 1959. Over 160 TM's gathered for the Homecoming luncheon.

Over the course of the next decade, fraternities and sororities at Gustavus gradually became more oriented around social functions rather than literary studies. The Tau Mu Tau's began more social projects such as an ice cream social, visits to the Gillette Hospital with the OK's, and charity fundraisers.

In the mid-70's, the sorority's rush traditions changed dramatically. Instead of holding both a fall and spring rush, the TM's only allowed new members to join once a year, in the fall.

The 1980's were a transition period for Greek life at Gustavus. The administration implicated new rules and restrictions on rush. Activities that were long-standing traditions were no longer allowed. However, the TM's created new traditions to replace the old, ensuring that the sisterly bond the TM's are known for would endure. In 1983, the first formal initiation was held. Set around a campfire on a camping trip at the end of rush, it proved to be quite successful and formed an even tighter bond between the members. The 1980's also saw the addition of the Black and White Informal, now an annual tradition held in the fall following rush.

The 1990's held many battles for Greek society at Gustavus. The administration did not recognize any fraternities or sororities for several years, and when the organizations were finally allowed back on campus in 1993, the Inter-Greek Senate made strides to cooperate with the college administration, assuring that Greek life would run more smoothly.

The TM's have added even more traditions in recent years, such as the Patrick's Homecoming Fundraiser, Sober Drivers, TM-Stock, fall and spring banquets, and the TM/Theta Valentine's Day Semi-Formal.

The TM's have always been and always will be a group of strong, unique women who share the close bond of sisterhood. We will continue to promote individuality through our traditions and shared experiences.


..Tau Mu Tau Sorority Song..

From year to year,
Our hearts in closest kin shall be.
Though we are near,
Or far across the sea.
The Tau Mu Tau sorority
Shall find our hearts as one
No matter where we be.
Our song we'll sing,
From now until eternity.
With gladness ring
Our pledge of unity.
Until the hills
Ring out that echoed melody.

Then all the world will know the sisterhood it brings!

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