Greens Meeting
Date: 10-11-2012
Location: Gustie Den, Cozy chairs
Meeting Called by: Rebecca Hare and Saskia Raether
Rebecca Hare
Dan Ly
Jennifer Steffen
Elizabeth Lutz
Katie Feterl
Griffin Spier
Dennis Lee
Katie Pearson
Saskia Raether
Kara Helgeson
Agenda: Share progress/plans, budget?, education plans
Things to do and discuss:
• Tell Katie Feterl about Ashley Hansen in the Interpretive center for Recyclemania
• Get Statistics about caf waste and Gustieware
• Start thinking on how to implement education w/out alienating
• Think of other clubs to contact to make allies
• Experiment on ways to change caf layout
• Styrofoam cup update
• "make ourselves co-researchers" with the group already working on the composting issue

Decisions Reached and Project Progress/ Updates -
• CF - not sure how educational it was
        ○ New  requests! 2A, 3H, 3E
        ○ 2E covered
        ○ Different techniques for boys
                § Katie P. knows them, will help
• Megan and Marissa emailed Rebecca a nice poster
• Sign for courtyard - special approval from who?
• Styrofoam cups are actually not Styrofoam, and are recyclable...
• Jessica with GAC TV
• Educate campus about composter

• Arctic- warmest in 1800 years
• Climate change can kill 130 mil by 2030, cut GDP
• More than 400 acres of prairie have been preserved in MN
        ○ Prairie grassland is the most endangered habitat in world
• Websites to visit
        ○ - asks Minnesotans what's important to them - surveys
        ○ Macalester Strategy
                § New chiller air system
                § Decrease vending machines
• Behavioral Brainstorming for campus attitude
        ○ GAC Caf advertisements
        ○ Getting other groups involved - Greeks? Senate?
        ○ Little signs over things
        ○ Inform what happens to trash after it is thrown away - establishing how you are personally contributing
        ○ School Forum for environment
                § Teachers involved
                § Involve dining services
                § Portion off section of caf? - Advertise stats
                § Thanksgiving theme?
        ○ Tabling
                § Saskia will be tabling about fisheries soon
        ○ Emotional advertisement - tug on heartstrings
                § Birds, penguins
        ○ Garbage pick up walk, complex,
                § After Homecoming at 12:30 PM- Trash Walk! Sunday - Meet at 3 flags, wear green shirts
                § Facebook
        ○ T-shirts - Anvil Organic - Let's plan on them!
        ○ Banana growers - next Friday
        ○ Greens Meetings - need Jim at next meeting
Agenda for next meeting:  Check progress for projects, budget?
Date for next meeting: 10/18/2012


Jennifer Steffen
Secretary of Gustavus Greens
Environmental Studies Major '14