Greens Meeting
Date: 10-18-2012
Location: Gustie Den, Cozy chairs
Meeting Called by: Rebecca Hare and Saskia Raether
Rebecca Hare
Dan Ly
Jennifer Steffen
Elizabeth Lutz
Dennis Lee
Saskia Raether
Megan Gillen
Marissa Haeny
 Jessica Burggraf
Katie Feterl
Megan Spear
Kara Helgeson

Agenda:  Compost news, t-shirts, events

Decisions Reached and Project Progress/ Updates -
• Composter was chosen!
• Budget questions
• Schedule another interview for GAC TV
• Dining service TV- can do it online!
• Yay for the sign at Courtyard Café!
• Megan/Marissa - poster -
        ○ Scavenge paper
        ○ Jessica - Budget for printing
• Guerilla Greens on the table tents!
• Coca-Cola - $20,000 for environmental initiatives
        ○ Contact Jim Dontje
        ○ Peanut butter - dispenser
        ○ Gustie Ware

• Antarctic sea ice levels are highest this year (Not necessarily good…)
• Australia
        ○ Wildfires
        ○ Great Barrier Reef Destruction
        ○ They have now implemented a carbon tax
• Polar bears in Alaska are being fed by Inuits … more and more are coming because they can't find food
• Run-off from lawns and farms have led to the destruction of salt-marshes, weakens root systems
• Less people are eating meat!
        ○ More knowledge about it
        ○ Food Inc.
• Minnesota 350 - Climate Change focus
        ○ Create a network
        ○ They are having presentations
                § Nov 30th - Do the Math in Minneapolis
                        □ Car pool?
        ○ Intern might come visit - Patty O.
                § Rebecca should forward email to Jessica
• Banana Producers tomorrow 9AM - 10AM in Courtyard Café
• Electronic Recycling
        ○ Difficult to recycle batteries
Agenda for next meeting:  Hiatus next week!
Date for next meeting: 11/1/2012

Enjoy Fall Break!


Jennifer Steffen
Secretary of Gustavus Greens
Environmental Studies Major '14