Greens Meeting

Date: 11-1-2012
Location: Gustie Den, Wooden Table
Meeting Called by: Rebecca Hare and Saskia Raether
Rebecca Hare
Dan Ly
Jennifer Steffen
Elizabeth Lutz
Saskia Raether
Megan Gillen
Marissa Haeny
 Katie Feterl
Kara Helgeson
Griffin Spier
Jessica Burggraf

Agenda:  Updates, History?, Events, Poster info

Decisions Reached and Project Progress/ Updates -
• New Ulm Nov 11th
        ○ Transportation provided
• November 30th
• Dan has made table-tents
• Jessica has made progress with Finance
        ○ Poster spread
        ○ Hand-dryer testing in dorms
        ○ Posters in caf about water
        ○ Meeting with ResLife / Charlie Potts
                § Integrating first-year program environmental awareness
• Send an email of inquiry to Jim Dontje about Coca-Cola project
• Ashley Hanson
        ○ Meeting soon about Recyclemania
        ○ Katie Feterl
• Focus this week on a dorm info
        ○ Bathroom stalls
        ○ Doors
        ○ Bulletin boards
        ○ Focus on Composting, bottled water, energy use, gustieware
        ○ Send out info for posters
• Set up a meeting with physical plant to address recycling issues
• How much would it cost to put water bottle fillers in dorms?
        ○ Alumni interest
        ○ Charlie Potts
• Caf slides
        ○ Hit hard
        ○ Then keep going monthly
        ○ Black background
• Making Soap! Coming up in the next few weeks
        ○ Nov 15th
• Holiday Soap making event
        ○ bracelets

• Fair-Trade details
• High fuel costs
        ○ People using more wood
• U.S. groups are trying to influence Canada to make pipeline happen! :(
• Coal production has increased
• Wacko hurricane Sandy!
• Estrogen-ization of the environment

Agenda for next meeting:   Updates

Date for next meeting: November 8th


Jennifer Steffen
Secretary of Gustavus Greens
Environmental Studies Major '14