Greens Meeting
Date: 11-8-2012
Location: Gustie Den, Comfy Chairs
Meeting Called by: Rebecca Hare and Saskia Raether

Rebecca Hare
Dan Ly
Jennifer Steffen
Dennis Lee
Elizabeth Lutz
Saskia Raether
Megan Gillen
Marissa Haeny
Kara Helgeson
Griffin Spier
Megan Spear
Katie Pearson
Jessica Burggraf

Agenda:  Project updates, clarify plans

• Nov 11th - Steger
        ○ Vans are being provided
• Jim Dontje speaking at 9 AM - Friday the 16th about how our community is trying to be Green
• Nov 30th - 350 - Bill McKibben
        ○ Transportation to be figured out
• Mental Health wellness center tonight until 8:30
• See emails for more info on these upcoming invents

Decisions Reached and Project Progress/ Updates
• We shared posters
• Printing
• Put post-its above light switches
• Need CFs this Sunday at 12:30 for a floor of boys - email Rebecca if interested
• Posters for the water bottle fridges
• 15 dollars for printing needs is approved
        ○ Table tents
        ○ Posters
• We are going to be making antiperspirants at our next meeting! And info on other homemade items
• Video on electronics sent to china to be coming up!
• Food Inc. we could watch
        ○ Upset day… then happy day!

• Two times more trash on the seafloor than ten years ago, including plastics
• Climate change may raise prices coffee prices, and may cause Arabica coffee bean to become extinct within 70 years
• Hurricane Sandy may cause hazardous waste to be released into environment
• Europe is exporting more recyclables, but not reducing waste
• Towns in US are fighting against fracking
        ○ Concerns about water pollution
• Obama introduced 33 new energy projects in his last term.. Dunno what he is going to do, but keep hope!
• In Laos they want to put a dam on a river, president was hesitating and wanted research, but they went ahead with construction anyways…cutting through rainforests

Agenda for next meeting:   Updates and Event plans

Date for next meeting: November 15th


Jennifer Steffen
Secretary of Gustavus Greens
Environmental Studies Major '14