Greens Meeting
Date: 12-6-2012
Location: Gustie Den, Cozy Chairs
Meeting Called by:  Saskia Raether & Rebecca Hare

Rebecca Hare
Jennifer Steffen
Dennis Lee
Elizabeth Lutz
Saskia Raether
Griffin Spier
Ellie Frischmann
Megan Spear
Kara Helgeson
Jessica Burgraff
Lizzy Logas
Sydney Firmin
Megan Gillen
Marissa Haeny
Dan Ly
Katie Pearson
Troy Seberson

Agenda:  Review Do the Math, makes plans for Divestment Campaign, go over project updates and plans, take pictures

Decisions Reached and Project Progress/ Updates:
• Took pictures
        ○ Videos
        ○ Introduction
        ○ Plan
                § Administration
                § Money managers, investors
                § Alumni Relations
• Bottled Water Campaign
        ○ Cost of one case of bottled water can give water to a person in a developing country for like a year
        ○ is an organization that doesn't just go into a place and put in a well and leave, they also work with plumbing, toilets, sanitation -- improve living conditions
        ○ March 22nd - Have a campus wide campaign, fundraiser, petition, tabling, donate, water on walls of caf, chalk on sidewalks
                § Goal is to raise over $3,000
                § Jessica plans to meet with dining services
• Upcoming Meeting with Warren Wunderlich - director of Physical Plant
        ○ Will discuss recycling
        ○ Gustieware collection
        ○ Employee cooperation
        ○ Recycling by every trashcan?
        ○ Coke Grant?
        ○ Hand Dryer test
• Water/Ocean Posters were approved
• Recyclemania in February
        ○ Ashley Hanson is coming at 6:30 to discuss with us strategies
• Charlie Potts Meetings
        ○ "lights off" signs for switches
        ○ Hand blow dryers experiment approved by charlie - now we need to bring it to Warren
• Kitchen Cabinet Meeting
        ○ Peanut butter dispensers…. Unproductive so far :/
        ○ Connect with Health Inspector - Rebecca should find his name and then tell Sydney
Committee on Divestment - Meeting on Sunday - email will be sent out (Rebecca)
• Rebecca
• Lizzy
• Troy
• Jennifer

• We watched some videos we saw at the campaign
• Shared facts about WHY we need to push divestment
• Correlation with the apartheid movement in South Africa
Agenda for next meeting: 
Divestment Campaign Updates, and Project Updates, ELECTIONS for positions of next year

Date for next meeting: December 13th


Jennifer Steffen
Secretary of Gustavus Greens
Environmental Studies Major '14