Greens Meeting
Date: 2-14-2013
Location: Gustie Den, Cozy Chairs
Meeting Called by:  Rebecca Hare
Rebecca Hare
Jennifer Steffen
Jessica Burgraff
Dan Ly
Katie Feterl
Troy Seberson
Griffin Spier
Saskia Raether
Elizabeth Logas

Agenda:  Go over all updates, current divestment campaign, take photos for DC trip, posters in mailbox

Decisions Reached and Project Progress/ Updates:
• Kevin Kling and his partner Mary Ludington have reached out to us and would like to support our Divestment efforts!
• Alumni letters to Environmental Studies will be sent out
• Educational Posters need to be hung up
• Recyclmania
        ○ Make posters
        ○ Talk to Ashley Hanson
        ○ Table
• Kitchen Cabinet - Monday at 7AM - free breakfast - open slot, coke grant
• Caf Ware - $40,000 is lost every year
        ○ Put up posters about the loss, Gustieware bins in res halls
• Divestment
        ○ Get a fact sheet made up for when we table/involvement fair
• Frost Week Window Painting - 6-8 pm Monday the 18th BE THERE!
• Event: Watch video, Granola Making, Seven Mile Creek
        ○ Electronic one?
• First-Year Orientation - environmental component to first-year orientation
• SNL - Earth Week
        ○ Break guiness book of world record for most people dressed as polar bears for awareness
                § White shirts, face painting, headbands, free food, from co-0p/chipoltle
        ○ Table for largest string of paper snow flakes
        ○ $400 dollars in funding
• Earth Week
        ○ Clothing and item swap
        ○ SNL might swap - Trash vs. Treasure
• Revamping Greens Logo - replace the crowns with leaves? - Amy Harvey
• Jessica's Grant - 2 recycling bins within each dorm, and each class room?
        ○ Fancy hooks and bins
• Water Week - March 18th
        ○ Jessica posters
        ○ World Water Day
                § Water bottle sculpture, dirty water, water bottle facts, tabling, display case
• GustieWare Bins are $200
• Consolidate bins like at the U of M to coinside with new composting plans
Discussion: Plans for divestment
Agenda for next meeting:  Updates/Plans/Sign ups for tabling

Date for next meeting:
February 21st


Jennifer Steffen
Secretary of Gustavus Greens
Environmental Studies Major '14