Greens Meeting

Date: 2-28-2013
Location: Gustie Den, Cozy Chairs
Meeting Called by:  Jessica Burggraf

Rebecca Hare
Jennifer Steffen
Jessica Burggraf
Gustav Bruhl
Kara Helgeson
Saskia Raether
Rachel Zheng
Katie Feterl
Ashley Hanson
Griffin Spier
Megan Gillen
Dan Ly
Troy Seberson
Lizzy Logas

Agenda:  Make signs, sign up for tabling for Divestment Campaign [will be sent out soon], updates on projects for Water Week, Divestment, Recycling

Decisions Reached and Project Progress/ Updates

•        Kevin Kling has said that he is open to writing an editorial piece for the Gustavus Quarterly! His piece will appear in the May issue, and will reach over 36,000 alumni!
•        Investment Committee - meeting within the next few weeks
•        Caf - Jessica B had meeting with Steve Kjellgren. Water week has been pushed to next year, because we are getting new beverage dispensers.  Hopefully we will able to petition, and refocus attention to using less bottles - but not banned. If you want to be more involved with the Water stuff, then contact Jessica.
•        PARTNERING GROUPS: Gustav is co-pres of Democrat Club (Monday at 8 at Linner Lounge or Boardroom). Subsidies that oil companies get are a big issue. He would like to move forward with supporting us. They are excited with what we've been doing! Tim Walz has been doing a lot to create better jobs with renewable energy (wind energy).  Maybe Gustav can talk to Tim Walz about his opinion on divestment. Carl Johnson as well.
o        Lobby day at the capitol. Early morning bus, with food provided. Next Wednesday.
•        Meeting with Physical Plant on recycling and new ideas to help Tuesday at 10:30 - anyone able to go with Jessica?

•        March 18th Start -- Ending 22nd
•        Sign up on spreadsheet that Jessica will send out in email
•        Train on divestment materials! Read up on the details online.

•        Jennifer and Jessica B. Met with Steve Waldhauser in Marketing and Communication to set up a piece that Kevin can write for the Quarterly. I contacted Kevin Kling and Mary about this, and she said that he will try to get it done by the deadline of March 8th.
•        Rebecca met with Ken Westphal on dates to present to either the Board of Trustees in April or the Investment Committee AND the Board of Trustees at the end of May. Can we do both?
•        Rebecca, Lizzy, Jessica, Jennifer, and Saskia presented Divest Gustavus proposals to the Student Senate. It went well! They are thinking about it and they will get back to us on how they want to proceed.

•        Coke grant for Jessica was turned down, they want to do something else with the recycling on campus -- like fewer and more centralized bins… they want more departments to cooperate with physical plant..

Agenda for next meeting: 
•        Training and tips for tabling, going over strategies

Date for next meeting:  3-7-13


Jennifer Steffen
Secretary of Gustavus Greens
Environmental Studies Major '14