Paul Thau


"Adrian Peterson in full war paint"

Nick name: AP (Appalachian Pterodactyl)
Year: Class of 2014
Area's of expertise: Bein Asian.
Height: (8'5" -5 '4")+2'2"
Weight: over 9000 tons
Position: Ninja..... aka im flexible
Contributions to the team: Letting people rub The Buddha Belly before games, yelling "I love whiskey" when he doesn't really love whiskey, adds comical racial relief to the team, puts up with Gregg/Gonorrhea, and puts up sweet swing passes to cutters so they can huck it down field for scores.
Favorite Color: International Klein Blue
Favorite Practice Attire: The 2010-11 Black Jerseys that he designed!!!
Favorite Substance: The Spotted Cow that Massie didnt get him after a certain tournament in northerly places.
Number of Layout D's you will get this year: Infinity.







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