Chicago Invite




Chicago Invite - Naperville Polo Fields

Things to Note:

Overall it was a successful weekend.  Our cutters' dumps to the handlers were lacking (in quantity and quality), but the cuts were good.  One thing that everybody should work on is poise/confidence with the disc.  It is important to hold the disc with a forehand grip while faking on the forehand side.  I've seen too many fakes to that side with a backhand grip.

Also, when pivoting, keep control of your body weight (balance).  This allows you to keep your head up and see what your target/handler is doing moments before your throw.

Solid tournament High,

-Coach Dan Block

Seeded 23rd out of 48th.  Finished tied for 11th. Not bad.


Illinois St (10): W 12-10 

Western Michigan (7): W 9-6

RHIT (39): W 13-12

Up 5-1

On universe point, Dr. Block layed out to catch an uncatchable throw from senior captian Jonathon Bussey in the endzone.

Eastern Michigan (26): W 13-6

Nate Ebnet saw images of his lady friend every time he saw the disc and layed his body on the line to catch every disc...for her ;)... or else it was the 15-hour energy.

Nate, way to be everywhere that game. 

Team - We need to pick it up so Nate isn't exhausted when he lays out.  Offensive layouts are tough to complete when you're tired.

Drew- I believe you got the winning point this game after dropping a coule in the middle of the game.  Way to catch it when it counts.  Try to make every catch seem that important.

Niles North (42): W 13-7



Hopkins (34): L 8-15

Up 3-1   =====> self destruct

A single break to start off any point allowed them to work it up the field on us with solid flow.  We broke down mentally as a team and lost because of this.  However, we learned from it and came back stronger than ever in the following game.  Well done team.

Wisconsin Steven's Point(11): W 15-12

These guys were athletic.  They had a huge guy who was smart on D and could throw to any spot on the field.  However, we played better as a TEAM and that's what counts.  I believe it was 12-8 or something and we went on a good run at the end to win. 

Michigan B (14): L 8-15

Our all-star handler, Dan Couillard (#84), threw an amazing high-release backhand over the cup to start the first point when instantly the wind picked up and blew the disc straight into the hands of a Michigan player for a Callahan.




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