Focus Drill

Focus Drill

You can practice focus at any time of the day.  If you're walking to class (or even standing still), focus on a sign 100 yards away.  As you move, keep your eyes and attention fixed on the sign.  Don't let your mind wander.  Don't think about the act of focusing.  Don't become self-conscious.  Don't think about how this focusing drill will affect your game.  Devote all your attention to the sign.  Don't think about how the sign was crafted, what it's made of, or what it says -- train your attention only on its existence .

Afterward, ask yourself how you did.  The drill is extremely difficult to do well, especially at first when your attention might scamper off like a dog at a squirrel convention.  You'll need to practice to maintain focus; try holding your focus a little longer each time you do the drill.











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  • Focus on a sign
  • Do it on days we don't have practice.
  • Proven to decrease number of drops in a game.



















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