Nickname: Little Ricky

Year: Class of 2011
Area of expertise: My charming good looks, my impressive ability to do whatever I want, and I can run a 3.5-40
Height: 6' if I'm on my toes (I'm always on my toes)
Weight: 300 pounds of pure muscle
Position: Hands on a turn
Contributions to the team: Hands-in-pants points, hands-in-pants plays, and hands-in-pants on the sidelines. I also give DD someone to aspire to be.
Favorite color: Black and Gold... it's one color. Otherwise it's whatever the girl says her favorite color is.
Favorite practice attire: Nothing but a pair of blueblockers.
Favorite substance: String cheese, my malt-o-meal fruity pebbles... and the St. Peter superhero tap water.
Number of layout D's you will get this year (aka, number of n00bs you've pwned): Probably like a million or something.






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