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Thill on the Hill

Women's Thrill Info

May 14, 2011

$150 entry fee

The usual amenities will be provided including Bagels, Water, PB&J, ...., ect


for information

  1. Out Skirts (Gustavus)
  2. Nova (Carleton)
  3. St Thomas
  4. Pink Mankato Skunks (Mankato)
  5. Hucking Hot (pickup team from Duluth)


Make Checks out to :

Alyssa Graham

800 West College Ave

St Peter MN 56082




Men's Tourney Info

Dates -

  • May 14-15, 2011

Tournament Directors -
  • Chris Northard
  • Gregg Milbrath
  • Erik Huemiller
Fee -


Send Check to :

Gustavus Ultimate

c/oErik Huemiller

800 West College Ave

St Peter, MN 56082

Fields -

  • 4 Year old soccer practice fields
  • 5 year old turf stadium
Party -
  • Flash Bandangos will be headlining the show
  • Afterparty at Patty's in St Peter

Tournament History -

  • 10th Annual

Location -

  • 800 West College Ave

  • St. Peter, MN 56082

  • West side of Campus

Google Map It



Men's Thrill Teams

If you are interested in Thirll 2011, send and email to the TD to get on an email list for info.

Submit requests to

Erik Hemiller, Chris Northard, or Gregg Milbrath

at frisbee-captains-m@gac.edu

Thrill 2011 Teams (as of 5-9-2011)

Get your checks in!!!!



  1. Gustavus High*
  2. The Junior High*
  3. The Dudes (Alumni) *
  4. The Girls Next Door (Winnipeg)
  5. South Dakota State
  6. Mankato State Blue Skunks
  7. UW Lacrosse
  8. Ugly Duckling (U of MN B)
  9. C-Team (Cornell)
  10. Climax
  11. B-52s (Wartburg)
  12. T.B.A. (Throwback Thrill team)
  13. Bad Dog (Twin Cities Club) *
  14. Flood (Winnipeg)*
  15. The Hot Karls (Carleton)
  16. Kettnetic Thunder (Kettering University, MI)

Wait List

  1. Gods of Plastic (GOP)
  2. Hot Carls (second team) (Carleton)
  3. The Girls Down the Street (Winnipeg)

If you are still interested email us and we will start a wait list in case a team drops out.


Thrill 2010 Teams


  1. Gustavus High*
  2. The Junior High*
  3. The Dudes (Alumni) *
  4. The Girls Next Door (from Winnipeg)
  5. SDSU
  6. Hot Karls X *
  7. Hot Karls Y *
  8. Wartburg *
  9. Cornell College (IA)*
  10. Mankato State*
  11. Augustana
  12. Flood (Winnipeg) *
  13. Shim Sham Army
  14. Ugly Ducklings (U MN) *
  15. The Incognito Eagles (Madison)
  16. ¡El Mezcla! (Luther and Alum)




Great places to stay for Thrill 2011


AmericInn St Peter- this is the closest hotel to the fields and the bars in town.

Viking Jr. Hotel in St Peter MN- Local Hotel south of twon. The Cheapest option in St Peter.


Country Inn and Suite- located near 22 which goes dirrectly into St Peter



























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