Dan Couillard

Nickname: DD, Randy, Second Streets

Number: 84

Year: Junior

Area of expertise: defense,throwing great hammers, trash talking, dominating on cigarette line, throwing scores with a dip in, taking fools deep

Height: Five foot ten

Weight: 170

Position: Cut/Handle

Contributions to the team: Intensity, creating cigarette line, being the Spirit of the Game enforcer

Favorite color: The color of the other teams tears when I'm continually in the endzone

Favorite practice attire: shirtless, who doesnt like looking at a nice beer belly

Favorite substance: icehouse, is there a crisper more refreshing beverage

Number of layout D's you will get this year (aka, number of n00bs you've pwned): zero im so fast i dont need to layout to get ds plus no one wants to me see my pretty face get cut up







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