Erik Huemiller

Nick name: Massie
Year: class of 2011
Areas of expertise: Ultimate, Physics, the Physics of ULtimate, and a little german thrown in for good measure.
height: 5'  11.75"
wieght: 195
Position: I work mostly from behind, looking for opportune times to take full advantage of the other team. I think they call that Handling in these parts.

Contributions to the team: He was recruited from the posh suburb of Boston Known as Needham, but has yet to fully show his potential on the Ultimate field.  After starting on a "top tier" highschool ultimate team, he cant break the mark in college, and he never gets open for the sorely needed dump.  Hopefully in the next few years this prospect will show his true colors and help the team out.

Favorite Color: Day glow orange

All white from cleats to shorts to Germany Jers to Needham Ultimate Hat.

Warsteiner Hefe Weizen, it gives you a rough next morning, but man they taste soooo good.







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