Matt Nelson

Nickname: Nelson

Year: Junior
Area of expertise: Scuber throws, the swing man, Ridiculous Field vision... to find the ladies.
Height: 5'10.6 definitely taller than DD
Weight: 225, but all that matters is that I am taller than DD
Position: Handler

Contributions to the team: Heart of A Champion and the inability to take losing easily. I am also the swing man and part of the line that scored the only point against Minnesota's final cut team at Exit 69.

Favorite color: Red, the color of Blood running down my leg from a layout.
Favorite practice attire: St. Patty's Day San Diego hat with some shorts to match it.
Favorite substance: Carlsberg, the best import money can buy

Number of layout D's you will get this year (aka, number of n00bs you've pwned): 5, all of which will be Callahan's so that I can drive Justin Whitoff's car.  Stranded island: you have to have sex with one of three people: Farrah Fawcett,

Pamela Anderson...with her Hepatitis C...and one leg, or Ricky Martin. Who's
it gonna be?







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