Sean Cain Skjerping

Nickname: Sherpa
Year: Class of 2011
Area of expertise: Carrying stuff around, busting out ridiculous moves after I score, screaming obscenities when I fail on the field
Height: 5'8 (My skying ability proves that I am not vertically challenged)
Weight: 175 (More to love)
Position: Handler, Cutter, Lover
Contributions to the team: I leave everything on the field, including the occasional bodily fluid
Favorite color: Robin's Egg Blue
Favorite practice attire: A Thrill on the Hill shirt I stole from Massie
Favorite substance: The sweet taste of victory mixed with good ole' Strip N' Go
Number of layout D's you will get this year (aka, number of n00bs you've pwned):
I think of myself as more of a hand block guy as I am good with my hands, but getting down and dirty may become more of a habit







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