The Gustavus Greens is an on-campus organization promoting environmental sustainability through stewardship at Gustavus Adolphus College.  We strive to be a visual group on campus that fundamentally changes how the Gustavus community and that of St. Peter address new pressing issues regarding the environment. We intend to accomplish this through advocating sustainable policy and development on campus as well as individual awareness of environmental issues lawful, positive, and cooperative manner.

While we would like to address all environmental issues concerning Gustavus, we feel our efforts will be most effective and beneficial when we focus on a finite number of projects.  We endeavor for quality of actions, not quantity of actions.

Involvement with and membership in the Greens is open to all members of the Gustavus and St. Peter community, including but not limited to students, faculty, and staff.   It is because we recognize that environmental concerns encompass all levels of a community, we want utilize to the fullest extent the human resources and connections available to us.  We are willing to serve as a resource for non-members who are interested in developing and implementing individual projects.

The Greens has two Co-Presidents, a Secretary, and a Treasurer (which the latter two may be combined), with elections held at the second to last meeting of each semester.  The Co-Presidents’ terms are two consecutive semesters, with the Co-Presidents being elected on alternate semesters, thus allowing each new Co-President to serve their first semester with an experienced President. Re-election of Co-Presidents is discouraged except when there are no other willing candidates. The Co-Presidents’ duties are to organize and host weekly meetings, and function as a mouthpiece for the group.  Details regarding how to run meetings and activities are left to the discretion of the Co-Pres under consent of Greens members. Secretary and Treasurer terms are single semester. Secretarial duties include but are not limited to taking minutes, updating the website and other online info.  The Treasurer is responsible for budgetary concerns and monetary issues, and MUST be designated in order for the group to be recognized by the Student Activities Office.  Secretaries and Treasurers may be re-elected.  Other positions can be created when needed and extended terms are permissible under extenuating circumstances

Amendments to this constitution may take place if an open brainstorming meeting is advertised to Greens members with input solicited from members even if they are not present.  Once all changes have been proposed a formal meeting is called by the Co-Presidents to read and approve of said changes, which will be instituted upon approval of a majority vote of those attending.

Lastly, while we take the issue of environmental stewardship very seriously, all members of the Greens, with particular emphasis on officers, are required to have fun.

              Edited and enacted Fall 2009