Principles of Ultimate

Six Principles

Read these carefully and ask if something doesn't make sense.

1.  Focus - By far the most important principle in most sports.  "What seperates good players and great players is not skill but focus ."  It drives you through training, throwing, catching, decision making, listening, sprinting and every other aspect of the game. In order to excel in ultimate, it is necessary to be able to focus purely on the task at hand.  When making a catch, do not think about extraneous details (spectators, how good you look, pain you will feel when you land, thoughts about what you will do with the disc next).  This takes some people 3 years of college ultimate to attain.  Pressure can play a role in hampering this principle... confidence is key here.

2.  Space - Includes field sense and timing.  Know where cutters can cut and throw to open space.  Know where handlers can throw (in relation to the mark) and cut to open space (after decieving your defender).  Utilize dead space for resting purposes (You usually can wait for other cutters to cut while in a dead space).

3.  Weight - Good motion demands good balance.  On defense, a good mark relies heavily on balance.  Weight is even more important when throwing a disc.  Be mindful of your weight/balance next time you throw (especially when stepping out... be consistent with your form)

4.  Communication - Calling for help when beaten (short OR long).  Asking upperclassmen for help on ANY issue.  Resolving issues off the field as well is neccessary for team chemistry.

5.  Efficiency - Only do what is neccessary to complete a task (getting open/faking the mark out).  No extraneous motions are neccessary as they will take away from energy reserves.

6.  Possesion - In every ultimate game, the losing team's offense has had the disc enough times to score a winning number of points.  This is a mind blowing observation, but not everyone on the team has this principle in mind when on the field.  All team members must whole-heartedly buy into the philosophy.  For example: do not throw 75% chance throws, only 90% and above.












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1.  Focus

2.  Space

3.  Weight

4.  Communication

5.  Efficiency

6.  Possesion














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