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Maple Plain, MN - 4/18/09

As written by Pat "Wolf" Gaetz

let me start by saying that this weekend was amazing. I'm really proud with how everyone played, and slightly aroused as well. here goes the recap

minnesota was good. they will probably go to nationals. we played hard and the score did not reflect the game. we made them work very hard to get points.

st thomas
a tough game. everyone knows what happened but the high played very well. we should kick theyre ass at thrill, even though theyre friends

the high had a slow start against hamline, but once people started giving a shit we were able to pummel them.

again the high initially lacked intensity but once we were able to get fired up macalester stopped scoring and laid down and cried.

st. olaf
probably the best i've seen the high play this year. st. olaf stomped us at our scrimmage, but we played them extremely well for the height and speed advantage they had.
mark larson is much better/cooler than erik larson

player recaps:
kevin pelto: kev, you have come so far as a cutter since the beginning of the year. Once an eager freshie talking about wine, you have become a great deep threat for the high, played very well this weekend.

bussey: as always, balls to the grindstone when you needed to, maybe even a bullet through the bat wing. played out of your mind this weekend. you were a huge key to us this weekend.

kory: kory you are leaps and bounds ahead of the beginning of the year. you put your speed to good use and learned the offense well. your dedication really paid off and you have been a great addition to the team. i'm excited to see where you will go.

clarke: also a great pick up for the high. played hard and came in clutch. even though you're from a horrible state, you're playing really made up for it this weekend

mark larson: along with being superior to his brother, mark played great. skyin bitches and cuttin it up for the high. hopefully you will be able to come more next year. you are a big part of our offense

gregg milbrath: i fucking hate hopkins. i like gregg though. you were a great pickup for the high. you played huge this weekend, approaching levels that i would have played it if i wasn't a big crybaby. run your bro into the ground at thrill

ross puffer: along with putting 2 in the chest and 1 in the head, puff dominated this weekend, even under a super secret alias. You're a big part of our defense and also staying mentally strong on the field, reminding people that things should not be too fucking easy for the opponents.

sherpa: played really well on saturday, but partied to hard with some strippers and was puking all sunday. you work so hard and it really showed when you played. keep it up and you'll continue to surprise bro.

drew the mother fucking wise yackel juleen: drew you have become a great cutter for the high. you have gotten to know your place on o and have become a lot more consistent, even when everyone is after your sister. you should use that wisdom to tell her that they all are riddled with syphilis.

ninja: st. cloud represent. unstoppable this weekend. the other team knew that you were our go to guy every point every game, but they still could not contain you. huge layouts and consistent play. one love

prichard: really stepped up as a handler this weekend. you played well and helped the team stay positive. having bigger teeth and less back hair really gave you the edge compared to prichard's past.

lucas: played well and helped support the team. really helped get into st. olafs head. it was nice to have you on the sidelines and on the field.

masshole: really have stepped it up this year, as a leader player and overall masshole. great to have on o line. pumped for next year man.

matt nelson: becoming a great handler. you have improved so much and are only getting better. played really well this weekend. just dont get down on yourself, we all know you played great, you just have to know it too.

tiger: grrrrrrrrreeat. sorry. tiger has really become a dominant cutter for the high. getting in's deeps left's right's up's down's you name it. big bids and skyin bitches. excellent to have you on o line.

DD: played well on saturday, we missed you on the sabbath. always working your ass off no matter how many cigs or dips you have consumed. you played all positions well this weekend. theyre gonna have to watch out for the d train at thrill

augustiwack: pushing through an ankle injury was hard, but you made it look easy. playing well as both a handler and cutter. you have gotten so much better in the last few years. Also knowledgable in distinguishing 2nd, 3rd and home base.

mak- amazing this weekend. you have improved so much this year. really become one of the dominant cutters on the high. also a great defender, getting lots of layout d's. if you would just stop talking everyone's ear off all the time

paulson: along with giving great mustache rides, you cut very well this weekend, being both a deep threat and good at unders. you're catching has greatly improved and i hope you have a happy happy birthday as well. bra. in all seriousness, fast as hell.

eli: played well this weekend and have been improving a lot this spring. you are really holding your own as a cutter and caught on quick. you also catch the disc harder than anyone on the team. your pancake catch could crush the skulls of small children.

cblock: great to have your knowledge of the game this weekend. you were overly dedicated to making sure that the right lines were called and that our team was adapting to what the enemy was trying to throw at us. made a big difference for the high.

myself: it was really hard watching everyone who had worked so hard this year play their hearts out and not be able to help. I was honestly blown away however, we stepped up our level of play significantly. i am extremely proud of this team, and where this team is going.
















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