How to Add a New Minutes Page


Beware: Any changes you don't publish will be lost when you close Contribute.

1. Open Adobe Contribute using the access key you got by following the instructions here.

2. Navigate (in Contribute) to an old minutes page.

3. Make a New Page:

At the top left of the Contribute browser window, click the 'New' button. You will then get options - select 'Copy of Current Page.' In the 'Name' field, give the page a name - this is what appears on the tab in Firefox or IE (example: 'Mintues mm/dd/yy').

4. You now have a 'new' minutes page to edit. Delete the text and date and replace it with the text and date of the new minutes.

5. Create a Link to the New Page on the Main Minutes Page

In the Contribute sidebar (left of browser window) under 'Pages,' select the browser (item with a little Globe picture next to it). In the browser, navigate to the main Minutes page. Click 'Edit Page' and add a link to the new minutes (type the text, format it however you want, highlight it, and click 'Link;' in the drop-down menu select 'Drafts and Recent Pages,' select the title of your new minutes page from the options).

6. Publish the changes to the main Minutes page (click 'Publish'). Click 'okay' to whatever messages and complaints it gives you.

7. Publish your shiny new minutes. You're done! Yay!


Note for Detail People: the cells on the left that hold the links (Home, Minutes, Events, etc) don't always behave nicely.  If their spacing is wacky when you publish, open the page for editing and see if the bottom cell on the left is bigger than the others.  If so, use 'Split Cell' to make it into a bunch of little cells until all of them are the same size.

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