Minutes 02/25/10


Hey Greens!
Here are the minutes from last night's meeting!

Greens Minutes
25 February 2010

Greens present-  Susan, Nicole, Tina, Michelle, Emily, Becca, Katie, Lindsey, Allie, Luke, Sarah, Rebecca, Amy, Jessica, Mandy, Chris, Drew, Andrew, and Haven

Katie is running for Student Senate Co-President!
Platform: environmental changes ideas
-Campus wide recycled paper (printer paper)
-Additional reverse osmosis water filtration sites
     Getting rid/limiting bottled water
-Sliding doors on Courtyard Cafe refrigerator
-Decrease vending machines
     Not renewing Coke contract
-Needless lights on during day
-Composting on site for Caf food
     Post consumer waste in compost
     Composting yard waste
Voting on Monday, March 1st online or outside the Caf
Email other suggestions to Katie or Greens officers

Possibilities for Spring

Recyclemania and Energy Wars going on now
-Tabling every Friday
-Decreasing energy consumption, recycling

Gustie Ware/ How to encourage people to bring them back?
-Gustie Ware Rush
-Prize for them bringing back
-Deposit boxes
-Bins around campus sponsored by groups/ fraternities and sororities

Rearranging placement one use dishes

Earth Day/ Week

April 22, Thursday (Earth Day)
Activity everyday
-Concert in the mall
-"Freegan" Swap (free used items)
-Movie Showings
-Hosting a "Fun Bike"
-Make-Your-Own T-Shirts
     Using stencils and paint
-Arb/ Campus Clean-Up
-Nature Walk
-Thrift Store Shopping/Donating Day
-Publicize next Nobel Conference
-Events with Big Hill Farm

Additional Ideas

Adopting a Highway

River Clean-Up w/prizes

"Sustainability is Sexy" stencil

Movie showings in the Caf w/tabling (Planet Earth)

Working more with Big Hill Farm

Water Day (March 22)
-Prequel to Earth Day
-Movie viewing
-Caf doesn?t cell bottled water on Water Day

Prepare for next Nobel Conference

New Web Site! (Gustavus Greens)
1)  Google/ Dogpile/ Blackle "Gustavus Greens" (New Home Page)
2)  Click on one of the first links (orgs.gustavus.edu/greens/)
3)  Click "New Home Page!"
Can email photos for website
Need to take new photos

Next Meeting:  Solidify Earth Week Schedule

Email any other suggestions/ ideas to Susan!

Greens House