Minutes 10/08/09


Hi all,
Brit is ill so I have the minutes!

In attendance: David, Cole, Natalie, Haven, Alli, Rose, Drew, Joe, Aaron, Kimmy, Alena,

We reflected on the Rally:

-Things that went well:
 +We got a lot of signatures (249) for the petition that will be emailed to the Board
tonight and hand-delivered tomorrow
 +Slow start, but picked up toward the end
 + We did a lot considering time restraints and changes

-Things to remember for next time:
 +How the event will actually FUNCTION i.e. what to do there, as well as set-up crew

Next up for Greens:
-Progressives Dinner Oct 21
-Eco-Challenge sometime in November (and Greens Thxgiving!)

Thanks all for helping with the Rally! I will be attending the Commission 150 dinner
tomorrow (Friday) night, and from what I understand the Board will be presenting some of
their ideas there. (Katie and I discovered the actual meetings were today and tomorrow).
I will let you all know if they say anything about sustainability efforts- AND THEY
BETTER! Or I will cause a commotion in the dining room...!

Stay green!

Greens House