Minutes 11/12/09


Hey all,

It was a quick meeting tonight!

1) Recyclemania meeting TOMORROW (Friday) at 2:30 in the Interpretive Center in the Arb.
Free cookies and cider. TO talk about Recyclemania this year, which also will be dealing
with energy use. Susan will be there, others from Greens are welcome!

2) Julgran Cookie Contest!!!! YAY! Greens WILL be participating this year.  Takes place
on Wed Dec 2. We'll bake 3-5 dozen cookies to submit by 3pm. People will enjoy them.
Judging at 4:30, someone from Greens will need to be there (TBD). We're thinking "pieces
of the world" cookies that all fit together to form Earth? Email ideas to Susan if so

3) Greens Thxgiving: Tell your friends!!! Take a look at some of the food ideas below,
and next week we will sign up for dishes. Greens will pay for it, but if people could
volunteer to help MAKE stuff that would be super! Natalie to make some 8x11's to make
copies and then put up in buildings early next week.

4) Greens shirts: "natural" color (light oatmeal color kinda) with green writing.
Different languages in there, hard to explain in email.  Natalie to finagle around with
some designs by Sunday.  Then to be emailed to the group for consideration.

5) Hunger and Homelessness Week: Sleepout is sunday night thru tuesday night.  Hunger
Banquet is Thursday night at 5:30 in the banquet rooms.  Check out ASAP tabling tomorrow
and sign up!

6) Amnesty International Food Drive: Same time as H&H week. Bring in food donations to
boxes by caf tray line and community service center!

THat is all!!!


FOOD IDEAS, per Scott Engelman:

Squash:         Acorn Squash: Savory: Butter substitute, rosemary, thyme, black pepper,
Acorn/Butternut Squash: Sweet: Cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, paprika, brown sugar, butter
Potatoes:         Garlic Mashed (twice-baked, trust me on this): Yukon Gold and Baby Red
potatoes, spices (I have ?em), soy milk, soy cream cheese if it exists, soy sour cream if
it exists
        Gravy: Water, vegetable stock, butter sub, spices to taste, flour
        Oven Browned: Olive Oil, salt, baby reds, rosemary
        Sweet Potatoes: Vegan marshmallow (or similar), honey, spices
Salads:         To Be determined; many ways to go. We *should* make them vinegrette based
(better olive oils, some wine vinegar), and I love candied almonds
Bread Option: Find a biscuit recipe that is vegan. Easy enough.
Candied Carrots: Carrots, honey, brown sugar, spices
Mulled Cider/wine/Mead: Cider, wine, mead, mulling spices, large pot, hot poker
Pumpkin Pie:   thousands of recipes
Apple Pie:          thousands of recipes
Roast Chestnuts:  chestnuts, sugar
Cranberry Sauce:   (really?)
Green Bean Casserole: String Onions, French-cut green beans (or fresh; prepared French
style), cream of mushroom soup, mushrooms, seasonings, onion
Creamed Corn/Cornbread: cornbread mix, milk sub, creamed corn (my aunt has recipe)
Butternut Squash Bisque:  Butternut Squash, soy milk, blender, savory spices1 butternut
8 tablespoons butter
1 small onion, thinly sliced
1/2 bouillon cube, plus 4 cups water or 4 cups chicken stock
1 orange, zested and juiced
1/2 cup cream
Salt and white pepper

Read more: http://food.ivillage.com/recipefinder/display/0,,gdv9,00.html#ixzz0W2j2d0JW

Szechuan Green Beans: Fresh green beans, soy sauce, dried thai peppers, cayenne pepper,
fresh ginger, cilantro, garlic
Stuffing:         Vegan Stuffing Mix, per directions
Candied Pears:        Whole pears, halved, cored, topped w/ butter sub, brown sugar,
Savory/Sweet popcorns: Large pot, popped corn, toss w/ oil & savory spices/candied nuts

Greens House