Minutes 11/19/09


Hey All,

Reminder: Eco-Challenge is still going on so remind your friends to be filling out your

Greens Thanksgiving is THIS Sunday, 1-4, at the Greens (Johnson) House.

Now, I have managed to have the notes I took at the meeting tonight fall out of my binder
as I was walking home, so they are somewhere around campus for a lovely person to find.
But we assigned foods tonight, so I hope I got this right:

Tofurkey: Haven
Bread: Natalie
Pies: Sarah B (pumpkin and apple)
Potatoes: Katie Webs
Cranberries: Haven
Stuffing: ?
Other veggie:?

Sooo anyone else who would like to sign up for a food, please let me know by tomorrow
(Friday) afternoon, since we are going food shopping then.  Greens is paying for the food
though our budget.  Let's try to keep it at least vegetarian, but vegan and traditional
is dandy.  Also, if you'd like to buddy up with someone already making something, let me
know that too!

That is all! Happy Friday!

Greens House