Minutes 3/11/10


Happy Weekend!
Here are the minutes from Thursday's meeting.

Greens Minutes
11 March 2010

Greens present- Susan, Nicole, Jessica, Rebecca, Tina, Bob, Cole, Emily, Michelle, David,

Arboretum Activities!

Trees for Heart, Mind, and Spirit
        - Arb fun run
        - Clean up day
        - Woodworking exhibit
        - Events for kids at arb: making kites, scavenger hunt, etc
        - Director of arb speaking
        - Qigong
        - Vassa wind orchestra playing
- Greens helping with advertising
- Printout w/events to hand out
- Camping in the Arb
- Later April or May?

Green Ideas

Distributing light bulbs to community
- Greens trained to replace light bulbs

Rags to wipe off machines in Lund instead of paper towels
- Support from Greens
- Collect worn out t-shirts
- Throw used ones into bins for washing
- Energy use: Washing rags vs. using paper towels?

Recyclemania going on now!
- Tabling every Friday
- Decreasing energy consumption, recycling
- Take some light bulbs to give them out
- Bring batteries, light bulbs, ink cartridges, cellphones, and plastic bags on Friday
for recycling!

Gustie Ware Rush
- Monday, March 22
- 5-7pm
- Prizes!
- Bins in dorms? With Greeks?

Earth Day/ Week

Tabling Monday and Tuesday of Earth Week 10am-1pm, 5pm-7pm
- Collecting Freegan Swap items during tabling
- Water bottle globe
- Need to make signs

Monday: Coffee Talk at River Rock
- Need to ask about being able to assemble there
- Assembling at Greens House?
- Initiative - Bring-Your-Own-Mug

Tuesday: Speaker from Co-op
- In Courtyard Cafe
- Samples?
- Discussion

Wednesday: Outdoor Movie
- Need people to pick out a movie

Thursday: Freegan Swap
- Need a room- Linnear Lounge
- New name?
- possible Sidewalk Sale outside!
- music during sale
- Left over stuff- thrift shore? Give to other organizations?

Friday: Campus Trash Pick-up
- Tabling

Saturday: Concert and Craft Fair
- Concert in the mall
        - Need musicians
        - Contact Haven Davis about possible musicians/variety show acts (hdavis@gustavus.edu)
        - Karoke?
        - Variety Show?
- Craft Fair
        - Individual artists?
        - Greens crafts
- T-shirt making
- Bags? Earrings? Free crafts?
- Flyers?
        - Info about Earth Day

New Web Site! (Gustavus Greens)
Google/ Dogpile/ Blackle ?Gustavus Greens? (New Home Page)
Click on one of the first links (orgs.gustavus.edu/greens/)
Click 'New Home Page!'
- Can email photos for website
Need to take new photos

Susan e-mail Sarah about website!

Next Meeting: Poster Making!!

Email any other suggestions/ ideas to Susan!

Greens House