Minutes 04/29/10


Hey Greenies!

Below are the notes from yesterday's meeting.  We talked about several very interesting topics, so check it out and have a great weekend!


Greens Minutes
29 April 2010

Earth Week went great!  That you for making it happen!

Student organizations invited to an award ceremony and two people can go.  Let Susan know if you want to!  Tues. May 4th @ 7pm

Dumpster Diversion
-Collect unwanted goods so they don't go in the trash
-Goes to Habitat for Humanity store in Mankato
-Greens can help!
-Happens move out week

Bike Share Program
-Can we bring it to Gustavus?
-Most successful= check out a bike for a few hours then return it
-Might start with 8 sturdy bikes
-Environmental reasons
-Good exercise
-Might attract more prospies!
-Help 'green' score
-Needs a student organization to back idea
-Cost around $2500-3000
-Students would have to sign a waiver for liabilities
-Given a helmet and lock
-Could buy used bikes from local bike store
-Try to run the issue by the Senate this year

Raising Awareness for Battery Recycling
-Have battery recycling, but no one really knows about it
-3 blue buckets on campus
-Can recycle all batteries
-Put up posters and flyers
-Message on screens
-Boxes in each dorm, people can deposit batteries in Student Center every few months
-Could have a story in Weekly
-How to make sure people get batteries back into a main bucket?

Co-President, Treasury, and Secretary positions open for next year!  If you are interested in any of these positions, let us know!

Meeting next week!

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