Minutes 09/10/09


Hello Greens!
  Thank you for all who came to the meeting.  We had a lot of wonderful ideas and Susan and I are really excited.

Greens in attendance: David, Scott, Chuck, Elena, Christina, Sarah, Andrea, Katie, Kimmy, Hannah, Raquel, Aaron, Cole, Natalie, Susan, Haven and Katie

Topics of the Day:
   * Most of meeting was dedicated to brainstorming for events for this coming year; ideas mentioned included the following (Sorry for the length, much was discussed):
      1. River clean-up during Nobel
      2. Making more recycled notebooks?
      3. Help during Nobel selling stainless steel water bottles to sell... interested in help selling these?
             ----> If interested please contact Chuck Niederriter (chuck@gac.edu)

      4. Starting a reuse center on campus?

      5. Recycling location for things that can't be recycled

      6. More Nobel ideas...

                 -- traffic orienting, usher, etc

      7. Cleaning up around campus; becoming a more active and visible group

      8. Connect more with the Student Farm project

      9. Interested in Gustavus GeoCash?

So what is up with the Wind turbine?

    * work to bring a wind turbine to Gustavus~

    * Petition the convince the Board of trustees and board of commissioners, etc

Finally discussed our direction:   Should we do more Activism? Picketing? Campus-focused activities? Community-focused?

General Ending Conscience of Group:   * 3 major Projects of Semester:

1. Bring a Wind turbine to Campus
2. Eco-Challenge
~ Clothing Swap as a kick-off
3. Greens Thanksgiving and Progressive Dinner
~ Really focus on food as an issue...

Thank you to all who came tonight. A Special welcome extended to the freshman!  We are super excited that you are all interested in being involved!!!
Additional Notes: * Michael, president of the Atheists and Freethinkers, wants to know if the Greens are interested in co-sponsoring events.  They meet Sunday at 7 in the Library.  All who are interested are welcome to attend their meetings.  Any questions can be e-mailed to Michael Davidson at mdavidso@gac.edu

*Aaron Zierdt wants to invite all Greens to attend ASAP which meets at 5 on Sundays in the Gusty Den
   ~ ASAP (Actions Supporting All People) is a social justice campus group ~ interested? Contact Aaron Zierdt at azierdt@gac.edu

*Going to the Cities and need a ride? Scott Engelman is going up this weekend and is willing to take people
* He is leaving Friday at 4:30 and coming back by noon on Sunday
* Car fits 6 people (but if you could chip in for gas that would be great)
* Interested? Contact Scott Engelman at sengelma@gac.edu

Thank you everyone!  I hope you all have a wonderful day~ apologies for the length of the minutes...
Katie Webster

Greens House