Budget Information


Notes from Sean:

  • Proposed a budget last spring-> budget committee suggest what group should get -> senate votes
    • Then have $ to spend for specific events
  • If you want to move $ around (that have already been allocated)
    • Have to ask Finance chair/director (Sean)
      • Controller deals with the actual paperwork and the numbers
      • Chair -> people and policy
    • If it is more than $200 then it has to be voted upon by all of senate
  • If you move money e-mail Sean and talk about it and he moves it around
    • Or has to go to committee
  • If spending money allocated by Senate
    • Fill out RFP from Finance and send it to Senate’s mailbox
  • Asking for more money
    • Mid year request
      • Request form on GacSpot (Midyear budget template)
      • Fill out e-mail to Finance Chair
        • Want to come to next meeting and set up appointment
      • Come, present ->Finance committee discusses and gives recommendation to Senate and then they vote on it
  • Write budget in the Spring
    • Form is on-line and fill out as is (keep same form)
  • If you overspend
    • Take out of the 9-line
      • And Co-presidents get warning
      • 2nd time -> Senate can freeze your funds and you can’t spend any Senate $
        • Put onto the organization’s permanent file
      • Organization has a chance to defend itself before Senate
  • All of Senate’s rules on Gac Spot
    • www.gacspot.com
      • Link Finance ->Allocations



  • 2009->$315
    • $300 for Thanksgiving
    • $15 print services
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