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"Prepare has been a great community in which we can grow in faith together. I always gain new insights and leave with a greater desire to spend time in God’s word and seek Him more."

"I love Prepare because through it I have grown so much in my faith and in my friendships with others."

"Prepare is one of many Christian organizations on the Gustavus campus. I was drawn to Prepare for several reasons; the first being the time it is held! Prepare is every Wednesday evening from 7:30 - 9:00 pm. The community at Prepare is so accepting too. If you walk in late, they skill welcome you with open arms! It’s also as much of a commitment as you make it to be. No one there will judge you if you cannot attend every single week, there are just happy to have you there whenever you can make it!
I also love Prepare because unlike any other Christian organization on campus, the bible study is led by an ordained pastor from Northfield, Mn. Students are there to help plan events and facilitate the organization, but the actual scripture is preached from a pastor. I enjoy this aspect because i feel like the pastor, Dave, will be able to answer any question I have and and help me learn more about the bible in a way i could never on my own. He loves questions and hearing new perspectives.
I would recommend Prepare to anyone, but especially the people who want to learn more about the bible, but just don't know how to start on their own. The first time i brought my roommate with me she left saying, "I loved that! I've never had someone sit down and break down a story from the bible in a way i can understand, and then apply it to our lives today!" If you feel intimidated going to prepare for the first time, invite a friend! Or, you could go to one of the many events or speakers that Prepare hosts throughout the year!"

"I love Prepare because it is a tight knit group on campus that dives into the word of God and creates a community unlike any other!"