Worship is not something that is limited to just music or the arts, but is something we all live out in our daily walks with God. That being said, one of the ways God calls us to worship Him is with music and singing (Psalms 33:1, 96:1).

Is God calling you to lead in singing praise and worship?

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  • Worship Songs

    Here are a few of the worship songs we used to sing at Prepare. If there is a song you have heard and you are interested in it being posted here, please email jlang3@gac.edu and it will be put up promptly.

    Hillsong: So Will I

    Elevation Worship: Do It Again

    Elevation Worship: O Come To The Altar

    Chords and lyrics: All I Need Is You

    Chords and lyrics: Beautiful

    Chords and lyrics: Consuming Fire